Bonnie’s First Gotcha Day

On Halloween day we celebrated Bonnie’s first gotcha day! I can’t believe it’s only been a year since we got her from Rainbow Rehoming, it seems like she’s always been a part of our family. We had a load of fun celebrating and I think Bonnie hasn’t been so excited in a long time with all her new toys and treats!

Bonnie’s Pressies

We got her most of the things from our Toys Wishlist and the treat bag and a hula hoop (not pictured) from our Training Wishlist. We also got her some other food and treats not shown as that’s another separate post coming soon!

Bonnie sniffing out her presents
Sniffing out her presents

She needed a bit of a helping hand to open her presents as she can be a bit timid with her mouth as you can see in the video she lifts the bullhorn by holding onto the smallest bit of paper, we just love her little quirks 🙂

She was really funny as with every new toy and chew she opened she would take them into her crate and ended up surrounded by all her new presents, she was totally over the moon!

Out all of her presents her favourites are definitely the bull horn and the chuck it balls. I was really disappointed in the chuckit squeaker ball as the squeaker only lasted around an hour so was a waste of money but luckily Bonnie is still interested in the puffy air noise it makes xD

Treats on Gotcha day
She also loved her new chicken slices and fish skin treats

We accidentally left Bonnie unsupervised with the rabbit tugs so they are looking decidedly less furry now so I would really recommend not leaving them anywhere accessible (she pulled them off from the coffee table xD)

Bonnie on her gotcha day
Those rabbit tugs came defluffed I swear!

Later on that evening we went to our fun training course which covers beginner tricks, agility and scent work. This was our second week out of a total of four weeks. We had already did a lot of the beginner tricks at home but we got to practice beg and standing on her hind legs which we haven’t fully mastered yet.


We also did lots of basic agility work like weaving between cones and jumps which Bonnie loves! She gets easily bored with training things like waits but loves any training where she really gets to use her body and do a lot of movement.

Think you might have overdone that jump just a bit!
Think you might have overdone that jump just a bit!

She also had some real positive interactions on and off leash which was great as she was getting a bit anxious on lead around other dogs. It was an awesome day all around, I am so glad she joined our family a little over a year ago now and hope we can celebrate many more gotcha days to come!

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5 thoughts on “Bonnie’s First Gotcha Day

  1. Aw man, Happy Gotcha Day beautiful girl!

    Looks like she got an awesome haul, I’m glad she enjoyed all her stuffs 🙂 I asked on another comment what colour treat bag you got – shoulda known Bonnie looks so good with pink it had to be 😉

    Interested in the bull horn, how does it seem to compare to antlers? Would you recommend? I mean Christmas is coming and all…. 😀

    Liked by 1 person

    1. The bull horn seems pretty sturdy and very similar to an antler, maybe slightly less hard wearing but not had it long enough to be sure. One warning though is if it’s chewed constantly it emits a pretty unpleasant smell.


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