Welcome to Bonnies Dog Blog NI – our little corner of the world where we post about our rescue Border Collie Bonnie, our Rough Collie Angus and all things dog including our adventures in Northern Ireland, product reviews, DIY projects, training progress and more. To find out about Bonnie’s “origin story” head on over here to see how it all began! Angus’s origin story will be coming soon!

We are very proud to say that Northern Ireland is becoming more and more dog friendly and local businesses catering for dog products and services are becoming more popular. If you live in Northern Ireland and want to plan some fun trips out with your dog then don’t forget to check out our interactive map of dog friendly places.

As well as being owned by the two dogs, our family also includes some lovely little degus. If you like small furry rodents then you can meet the degus here.

My personal interests primarily involves animals and caring for them to the best of my ability including use of positive reinforcement training and enrichment. I also love to read, watch TV/movies/Youtube and play games.
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