Bonnie’s 2nd Gotcha Day!

On Monday we celebrated Bonnie being with us for 2 years! Although she was probably just under a year when we brought her home, for convenience sake we will say she is 3 years old now. We didn’t do anything extravagant to celebrate or buy loads of stuff for her as she had already been spoiled earlier in the year so we kept our celebration pretty simple. Apologies in advance for the photo quality but my camera seemed to be a bit foggy in some photos for some reason!

We started the morning with extra cuddles in bed then as an after breakfast snack Bonnie got to share some of my yoghurt – she loves yoghurt and blueberries so she really enjoyed this one!

I love that ear of hers! Also love how cute she is when begging contrasted with her looking so silly smushing her nose while licking out the yoghurt.

As we had to wait in the house for her raw food delivery we played about in the garden with the flirt pole and the Christmas rooster stuffy that she loves so much.


Afterwards she proudly carried her catch into the house where she proceeded to de-stuff it!

I didn’t do anything I swear!
All that chasing and destuffing makes a dog tired!

After a nap she got her new Kong Squeezz Jel toy (which was recommended to me I believe by Liezel’s owner over at Owning a dog with anxiety) and had a ton of fun playing with it. The squeaker did stop working only a few hours afterwards which was slightly disappointing, although she still loves it and we can watch TV in peace so I guess that’s a win!

Oooo what’s this?
Ahhh I love it!

Soon after finally her Nutriment raw food package was delivered! This will keep her going  for quite some time!

Sniffing all around the tasty food!

After packing away all the food we were finally able to go on our walk up the glen. It was pretty quiet out, we didn’t run into too many people and no dogs bothered us so it was a great and stress free walk 🙂

The rest of the day was filled with cuddles and treats as we stayed indoors to keep away from the fireworks. She even dropped me off and picked me up at my class so she wouldn’t have to be home alone with fireworks or trick or treaters.
Overall we had such a lovely day filled with simple pleasures 🙂 I am so glad that we decided to bring Bonnie into our family as she has completely changed our life. Here’s hoping to many many more years together ❤

For last years celebrations check out our blog post and also this album of photos from the first year of Bonnie’s life with us on Facebook (looking back on them makes me a wee bit emotional!). I’ll hopefully get around to creating an albums of highlights from her second year with us as it’s so nice to look back on 🙂

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