Dog Friendly Northern Ireland Map

Bonnie has been sniffing out dog friendly hotels, self-catering accommodation, cafes, restaurants and bars all across Northern Ireland and placed them on this handy map below. We have also included some fun places to try out with your dog such as hydrotherapy pools and dog parks.

*Update coming soon to include new dog friendly locations*

To filter results please click on the icon at the top left corner to choose which categories to view. To view a larger version of the map please click the icon at the top right corner.

Please note that all information was accurate at time of creation but for certain accommodation conditions may change.  Please always ensure to double check any conditions when booking.

If you have any suggestions on places that should be added to the map whether it is pet shops, dog friendly places, good walking spots, enclosed parks etc. then please feel free to either comment below, email or post to our Facebook page.

2 thoughts on “Dog Friendly Northern Ireland Map

  1. also annora pub in narin, portnoo allows dogs inside, and the beehive pub in ardara, donegal.the owner loves dogs and allowed my small dog to sit on the seat beside me and took time to run off and find him some dog treats! in northern ireland the harbour bar allows dogs inside. its next door to the dog friendly marine hotel x

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