Blog Revamp

I am so excited to present my new and improved blog design! I have updated the background image, header image, menu options and to the side I have added a search button and a little section on me and Bonnie. The new design is best appreciated on a PC but I’m liking how it looks on mobile too. I’m using the theme Toujours and really enjoying how the blog design now feels much more personalised and “us”.

I have also tried to highlight two pages that may have not been noticed previously.

The first is the Dog Friendly Northern Ireland Map which is an interactive map of dog friendly places in Northern Ireland. I put a lot of research and time into creating this map so hopefully dog owners in Northern Ireland can plan trips out with their dogs and support local businesses that are dog friendly.

The second page is Bonnie’s Cues which covers all of the cues that Bonnie currently knows or is learning. This is to help us remember our cues, what they are used for and to track our progress in each one. It was fun writing all the cues out and realising how much she has learned, as when she first arrived home she barely knew sit or even her name!

I started off this blog on a bit of a whim but I’ve discovered how passionate I am about writing about our adventures and training progress with Bonnie. I’m so excited to continue posting about our adventures together and we have some fun posts coming up including some training videos, trips out, a very special review, some exciting news and of course Bonnie’s second gotcha day on Halloween!

Bonnie is super excited for things to come on the blog (no it hasn’t anything to do with the fact she’s surrounded by food – not at all!)

You can also follow our adventures on FacebookInstagram & Twitter


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