Kimchi – newest degu in the family!

Today has marked a week since we brought Kimchi home from the Lisburn Pets at Home adoption section and I am so pleased to have brought him home. He is such a gorgeous degu with the funniest little personality. He was brave and adventurous as soon as he arrived.

No fear at all and loves his grub!
The other 3 boys were certainly interested in what was happening – how dare this newcomer come into their territory! xD

I thought I’d be a little sad and document all his “firsts” with us.

First taste of herbs – he’s definitely a fan!
First sandbath
First crock – needless to say he loves them!
First chill out on his homemade hammock

I have been having so much fun getting to know him and he certainly seems to enjoy getting to know us too, he’s an outgoing degu to say the least!

I’ll just sit here while you weigh my food out
Selfie time!
My wee parrot on my shoulder
We had an escape – like I said, he sure is adventurous!

And not to leave out the other 3 boys they are still doing well and getting on great!

Curious little faces
I wouldn’t be getting in you way of cleaning would I? xD

I’m so glad we brought our original degus home back in March 2014 as since then we now have had 5 degus and all of them have their own personalities and bring so much joy to our everyday life with their cuteness and silly antics ❤

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12 thoughts on “Kimchi – newest degu in the family!

    1. He sure is a looker huh 🙂 Kimchi was on his own in the Pets at Home adoption section, he was handed in as he wasn’t integrating well with others. He does appear to have a few funny behaviours and features such as his little fingers seem not quite right like some look like clubbed fingers, his nose seems to be missing fur, the crease on his shoulder is missing fur, his teeth weren’t as orange as they should be for his age but is getting better now and he acts like no other degu we’ve had. He is so active he leaps about the cage with an insane amount of energy, he’s super inquisitive and curious he always follows you as you move about the room, a total daredevil with no fear in him. He’s a little firecracker and he loves our attention, he’s starting accepting rubs which is the most adorable thing ever. Can you tell I love him fiercely already? xD

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