Kimchi – newest degu in the family!

Today has marked a week since we brought Kimchi home from the Lisburn Pets at Home adoption section and I am so pleased to have brought him home. He is such a gorgeous degu with the funniest little personality. He was brave and adventurous as soon as he arrived.

No fear at all and loves his grub!
The other 3 boys were certainly interested in what was happening – how dare this newcomer come into their territory! xD

I thought I’d be a little sad and document all his “firsts” with us.

First taste of herbs – he’s definitely a fan!
First sandbath
First crock – needless to say he loves them!
First chill out on his homemade hammock

I have been having so much fun getting to know him and he certainly seems to enjoy getting to know us too, he’s an outgoing degu to say the least!

I’ll just sit here while you weigh my food out
Selfie time!
My wee parrot on my shoulder
We had an escape – like I said, he sure is adventurous!

And not to leave out the other 3 boys they are still doing well and getting on great!

Curious little faces
I wouldn’t be getting in you way of cleaning would I? xD

I’m so glad we brought our original degus home back in March 2014 as since then we now have had 5 degus and all of them have their own personalities and bring so much joy to our everyday life with their cuteness and silly antics ❤

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It’s been a while!

That was a bit of an unintended break to say the least! Rather than explain away my absence with excuses I thought I would post a little catch up and hopefully start posting more regularly again as I have missed posting as well as all the blogs I follow. Last time I was talking to you all it was Halloween and Bonnie’s 2nd gotcha day. Now it is the middle of December (where has this year gone?!) and this is a bit of what we’ve been up to;

Bonnie is still healthy, happy and generally loving life as usual! She is a big girl now and has free roam of the living room while we are out instead of being in her play pen – no accidents or destruction (yet anyway – fingers crossed!).

Her wee cosy area – her play pen now protects the Christmas tree xD

We got her titre tested this year and her results came back positive and strong positive so she didn’t need any boosters.

We went on Holiday to Berlin for a week which was great and I really enjoyed myself – it was my first time abroad out of the UK so was very interesting! I might share some more photos at a later point. It was the longest we’d been away from our pets and I had really missed them all by the end of our trip so our next holiday will probably be a dog friendly place close to home so Bonnie can join in!

We have started thinking about adding a second dog (a puppy) to our family! We have starting buying in a few things for a pup and we had gone to see Newt a 13 week old Border Collie at Dogs Trust but the timing isn’t quite right for us yet. We will continue to slowly buy in things for a puppy and get Bonnie used to the new items such as a baby gate, puppy’s play pen, toys etc and keep on the lookout for border collie pups in rescue centres with the aim of adopting sometime next year, most likely the first half of the year.

Lovely Newt but unfortunately it wasn’t quite right for us

Before we had gone on holiday we had seen a lone degu with cataracts in our local Pets at Home adoption centre who was very sweet and we were totally smitten. Unfortunately as we were going on holiday we didn’t want to take her and then leave my partner’s mum with another degu to take care of while we were away. So we talked with a member of staff who said she would try to discourage people so as to keep her for when we got back, unfortunately for us but fortunately for the degu she was rehomed while we were away. Since then we have been looking out for a special lone degu to rehome and today we added Kimchi to our family! He is a total sweetie and I will probably post more about him soon when he is more settled but I love him already!

He’s a confident little one ❤

The dog behaviour class finished up last week, all the assignments have been handed in and now I am eagerly awaiting my results! I have also been sporadically helping out at the dog classes and behavioural visits too when I can. I had my first scare working with dogs – a nervous dog snapped at my hand fortunately resulting in no damage except a slightly bruised ego but an important lesson learned!

Just as an end note is anyone else as unprepared for Christmas as us?! The only presents I have bought is the office's secret Santa gift and things for Bonnie xD

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Bonnie won a give-away! Give-aways now over.

Just a quick post today to say that Bonnie won a little give-away on the Support Adoption for Pets Facebook. She won the pumpkin jumper in large from Pets at Home. So pleased she won and she can celebrate her first “gotcha day” on Halloween day in style 🙂

Bonnie the Border Collie wearing a Halloween pumpkin costume from pets at home

They are doing give-aways all this week (finished now sadly) so why not try your luck and enter to win a Halloween costume for your doggy 🙂

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