Our Degu Family

It’s been a while since I last posted about our little degu family so thought I would share some photos and something a bit different from dog training as it seems that’s all I can talk about at the moment!

Abel and the babies are still getting along brilliantly although they are definitely not babies anymore! I just can’t get out of the habit of calling them the babies haha. Abel and Azoth seem to be best buddies but they all get along great and I love sneaking in and seeing them all cuddled before they run to their cage door expecting their food!

The babies have definitely come out of their shells from when we first brought them home and they have such lovely little personalities. Durzo is very sweet and shy, Azoth is more confident and is very smart.

The babies coats have become so lovely too as they have grown, they are an agouti piebald colour and have white at the ends of their tails too. I think they are adorable although I love all degu colours! I hope in future to again have another full agouti degu like our Cain was. It’s been around 10 months since we lost Cain and it still hurts to think about him – he really was a special little man who was full of personality and charm and always made us laugh at his antics.

Cain in his better days ❤

I am definitely glad we got Abel his two new brothers and that he is still healthy and happy. Abel is roughly 3 years old now and as you can see he is definitely the tamest of our degus and he especially loves his dad.

And because you all know I like a bit of training and enrichment for our pets here are our degus in training to push their little trolley/shopping cart.


Aren’t they adorable, I love our little degu boys ❤

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9 thoughts on “Our Degu Family

  1. Well I think you already know I have a little bit of a soft spot for degus. But thank you so much for this. They look so cute and are obviously having very happy lives. I like that you train them too. I so want my own. It does scare me though that they have short life spans and I am quite the softy and, as you know, suffer from depression (I think you have seen both my blogs anyway) so I wouldn’t handle that very well. I get very attached. But I do love them so.

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    1. Thank you we try to give them the best that we can 🙂 I understand your concern as I didn’t cope very well with losing our Cain as he was only around 2 which is very young for a degu (some live to 8 years or more!) but the joy they bring to our lives is worth the heartbreak as they always make us smile 🙂

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    1. Yea they are both part of the Caviomorpha Parvorder (I’m not great with this terminology but I think it’s like similar groups of animals). They have quite similar requirements of diets, habitat and both are from South America around Chile and Peru 🙂

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