The Degus

We have been privileged to welcome the following degus into our home and family since March 2014. To read more about our degus you can find our posts about degus here.


One of our original pair of degus we welcomed into the family in March 2014, they came from Pets at Home Belfast. Cain unfortunately passed in December 2015 leaving behind his brother Abel and broke our hearts too. He had such a big personality and always had us laughing at his antics as he never did anything by half measures! He loved his food, running on the wheel and rearranging the cage to his liking – anything that stood in his way would get thrown to the side or chewed until it was just right! Although Cain and Abel sometimes fought they always kissed and made up and you could usually find them snuggling together (in sometimes ridiculous positions!)


The second half of our original pair of degus. He would’ve been described as the more reserved of the original pair but he has taken on some of Cain’s roles after he left such as biting on the bars for attention and arranging the toilet roll for the bedding. He is quite a tame degu with a lovely gentle personality and, after some initial reservation with the baby degus, had taken on somewhat of a fatherly role with Azoth and Durzo and showed them the ropes of how to groom, properly bathe in the sandbath etc. He is roughly 3 years old now so is entering middle age for a captive degu and has well passed the average lifespan of a wild degu which is only 1 year of age!

Azoth and Durzo the white pied baby degus
Durzo and Azoth  – babies when we first brought them home
Azoth, Durzo and Abel

Azoth and Durzo are brothers who we got in January 2016 to introduce to Abel so he wouldn’t have to live alone without other degu company. They were about 8 weeks when they came home and we got them from an accidental litter being sold on Gumtree. They were living in quite a bad situation so we knew we wanted to give them a better life so home they came. They were quite timid and nervous to begin with and still are a bit skitterish sometimes but after living with Abel since March 2016 they have gained confidence through him and are much more curious now. Azoth would be the more confident of the two but both have lovely little personalities. It always makes me so happy to see them snuggled up close together on cold days as I believe giving Abel these new “brothers” was definitely the right thing to do.


Kimchi is our latest addition and he joined the family in December 2016. We adopted him through the Lisburn Pets at Home adoption section – he was surrendered as he wasn’t integrating with other degus. Although he hasn’t been with us long he has certainly made an impact as he is so brave, outgoing and adventurous. He will stop at nothing to climb and clamber all over you and just wants to be out and about interacting with you. We do not have any plans to attempt introductions between him and the others as we don’t want to upset the group dynamic as it is so stable and we don’t want to risk that, also as he was given up due to not integrating well and appears to have a few signs of being injured we do not want to traumatise Kimchi with the intro process either.

As you can see I have fallen slightly in love with keeping degus and hope to add more to the family in future when we have our own house and more space to dedicate to them. If you have any questions around degus I’ll be more than happy to help or else come over and join the Anything Degu Facebook Group for advice, cute degu pics and more!