A harness that fits – finally!

Wow is it hard to find a harness to fit Bonnie! We have tried a few harnesses now which I’ll go over below and then I’ll reveal Bonnie’s new daily harness! This post may¬†be a bit long so scroll to the bottom if you want to see the new one – I may be biased but I think it’s worth the read as she’s so adorable in it! ūüėÄ

EzyDog Chest Plate Dog Harness

2015-05-10 14.17.48

We got this in Pets at Home not too long after we got Bonnie as we wanted to walk her on a harness instead of her collar. We went into store with her to try it on so we wouldn’t have to faff about with measuring her and exchanging sizes online – this was a size medium. ¬†The harness itself if quite nice as it’s lightweight, has reflective stitching, is easy to put on and take off – put one leg into the straps then clip the neck and girth straps at the back – easy peasy, and it also comes in a range of colours and sizes.¬†Bonnie¬†seemed comfortable enough wearing it¬†but the straps dug into her armpits a bit so isn’t really suitable for daily use.

Ruffwear Front Range Harness


We then upgraded to this harness in size small and reviewed it over here. I still love the design and quality of this harness, it’s sturdy and has been through sand, water, mud, bramble, the washing machine and everything in between and has stood the test of time so far with only cosmetic wear since we got it around 15 months ago. Again the issue with this harness is how close it sits in behind her armpits – this is usually fine on a normal day but when she is wearing clothes like above or if she gets wet the harness rubs her armpits quite badly which has caused some hair loss over time. We will still probably use this from time to time when her other harnesses are wet and drying out but not for daily use so her armpit irritation won’t return.

Ruffwear Palisades Pack Harness


We recently purchased the palisades backpack in our¬†pet product haul¬†in size small. I specifically choose the palisades pack as the packs could be removed so that the the harness could be worn by itself. I hope to do a review soon on this as so far we are loving it! It fits perfectly as all the straps are adjustable – including the length of the strap that runs from the chest to the girth which means the girth strap sits nice and far back from her armpits which is great! This is almost the perfect daily harness except it seems to really wear Bonnie out on warm days – although the fabric is pretty breathable it still covers a lot of her and seems to make her start panting much quicker so we will be saving this, and the backpack, for when it is cooler as I don’t want to risk her overheating.

Perfect Fit Harness


We were really excited to try out the perfect fit harness as it is a modular system with separate back, chest and girth parts which should fit most dogs. It is fleece lined, has front and back attachment points, isn’t restrictive as¬†it doesn’t cover the shoulders or the throat and is perfect for putting on nervous or sensitive dogs as it has four clips so no need to lift legs or put it over the dog’s head. The customer service was absolutely fantastic and I really liked the idea of the harness but unfortunately it didn’t work out for us. We were sent the M and L back, S and M chest and the M girth.

The M back, S chest and M girth combination fit really well around the neck and chest with some room to spare but again the straps were too close into her armpit even with the bottom strap full lengthened.

The M back, M front and M girth sat further back – I was able to fit 3-4 fingers between the harness and her armpit rather than 1 – but the neck was now too big as I could fit my whole arm through even on the tightest setting! It wouldn’t have been such a big issue for us as she isn’t really an escape artist but while using the front lead attachment it would completely twist the harness out of place. Unfortunately as the neck strap and the strap determining the length behind the armpits are the same section¬†no combination of sizes was really going to work for us in particular so we had to return it. I cannot fault their product or service at all – it just didn’t work for us.

Red Dingo Harness


And finally we have found Bonnie’s glass slipper with the Red Dingo harness! This is size large in the Flanno design. There are 5 sizes and tons of designs in this harness all of which feature the cute bone buckles which I love! All the straps except the back strap is adjustable so this sits nice and far back from her armpits. The front of the harness sits on the chest so doesn’t restrict the neck and the ring at the front can be used as a front attachment for a lead.

The harness goes over the dog’s head and fastens with two buckles. There is still a good bit of¬†room left for adjustment in the girth in case she changes weight or for wearing over coats and jumpers, the neck is at it’s smallest setting but isn’t too loose and sits comfortably. I’m pretty excited that we found such a cute harness that fits Bonnie and was reasonably priced so I’m really hoping this stands up to our daily (ab)use! I’ll let you guys know how it fares in the future.

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