Bonnie’s Cues

I’ve put together the following list of tricks/cues that Bonnie currently knows or is in the process of learning so that I can keep track of our cues,what we use them for and any progress. Writing this all out realises how much I “chat” to Bonnie especially during our walks!

Cue Details
 Sit Pretty self explanatory
Down Lie down with legs underneath
Stand Finding it difficult to get a clean stand even with luring – still need to practice
Watch Look at my face
Come Recall word – need to practice more in higher distractions and out of sight recalls
Stop Stop – need to practise during recalls as it is on the KC Good Citizen Gold test
Wait Used for stays and for waiting for a release word for food/toy/environment reward
Take it Release word for food
Get it/go get it Release word for toys
Break General release word – go do whatever or used as a reset between clicker training
Come on Release word for going through doors, to hurry up if she’s fixated on a smell or to catch up with us while off lead
Leave it Stop whatever you’re doing and come away – need serious practice on this – okay with coming away from smells but not with food, people or dogs
Find it Find the food I’ve dropped or thrown – want to progress this to sniffing out hidden treats in a room
Go get (name) Run to the other person
Go to bed Go to her crate – want to proof it so she will stay until release, at the minute she needs another cue to settle down
Go to the mat Go the mat in the front hallway – to get her harness on for walks or to dry her off before she dirties up the house
Go home Go into the house from the back garden or the front garden
Toliet Run to the backdoor like a mad dog to go outside
Go potty Do a pee – if we are going inside somewhere we use it outside before we go in to make sure she doesn’t have an accident
Upstairs/ Downstairs Go upstairs or downstalirs
Away Turn away from me and move forward – used to be really good but need to practice more
This way For changing directions and indicating where to go when off lead
Side Come to my right side
Switch sides Change to my other side while walking – still learning but will be useful for avoiding people etc
Stay close Really informal heel – used to be good but needs a lot more work now
Go on Break from the stay close
Relax Lie on side with legs kicked out to the side
Roll over Rollover usually from down or relax position – always clockwise from my point of view
Crawl Still heavily luring
Touch Bop her nose to our hand
Right paw Give her right paw
Left paw Give her left paw
Paw Give whatever paw we are holding our hands nearby
High five Either targeting one or both hands
Dance Hold out both hands so that she will go on her back legs and put her paws into our hands
Hug While sitting on the floor hold our arms out and she puts her paws on our shoulders
Kiss Bop her nose to our mouth
Bow Stretch backwards with butt in the air and front paws forward on the ground
Dig Scratch the floor
Spin Spin counter-clockwise, also used for wrapping an agility jump left/counterclockwise
Twist Spin clockwise
Round Wrap an agility jump right/clockwise – was taught to use this but would like to switch to twist to prevent more duplicate cues
Jump Jump over my outstreached arms while I’m sitting on the floor – needs practice
Around Spinning around my leg – still heavily luring and might change cue
Through Go through the agility chute or my arms held in a hoop shape which we only started
Over Jump over my outstreched leg –  will also be used for straight agility jumps
Under Go under my outstrected leg, or under benches etc
On Jump onto an object
Off Get off an on object/person
Up Front legs up on us or an object
In Get in the car or bath
Leg weaves Weave through my legs – getting really good at this so working on changing directions
Sit pretty Gun cue is pretty solid now and she is holding the position better since her muscles have developed over time
Sit pretty with paws leaning on my arm Need to attach a cue as currently just luring and tapping my arm
Hide While in the above position “hide” her face under my arm – still very much in progress

I don’t think she’s doing so bad considering she barely knew her name or sit when we first welcomed her home back on Halloween 2014!

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