Week in review – nearly 2 years!

Tomorrow, on Halloween day, will mark 2 years since we first brought Bonnie home! It’s unbelievable to think how this little collie has changed and influenced my life ❤


This week was fairly uneventful except for the many fireworks let off! Thankfully Bonnie was not bothered by 95% of them and only barked at the loudest ones after being bombarded by them most of Saturday evening.

Not amused after having a bath – she was covered head to toe in mud but we didn’t get a before photo!
Make sure you haven’t missed any spots!

On Wednesday we were disappointed in the result of the Great British Bake Off final as we were rooting for Andrew – he’s from Northern Ireland too and such a fab baker.

Bonnie was prepared for the bake off final – well as chief crumb cleaner at least!

With the fireworks and general festivities this week we didn’t have too many exciting walks to avoid putting Bonnie into any situations she couldn’t cope with but we did manage to get a nice trip out to Hazelbank park today for a good run around!


It’s such a beautiful park especially with all the autumn foliage but it is slightly ruined by out of control off-lead dogs. I wish their owners would respect others’ space, I just don’t understand how they can’t see that their dog is a problem when it won’t recall – if you don’t have a good recall use a long line! I used to be afraid of dogs and remember the feeling so well that I would never want anyone to be afraid or wary of my dog’s actions whether they are an adult, child, runner, cyclist, a reactive dog owner etc.

Off lead fun – dragging a long line just in case
Lift off!
We love practising recalls 😀

We tried being artsy and getting some photos of Bonnie on this fallen tree trunk but it didn’t work out so well and I somehow ended up standing in poo of god knows what type of animal xD

I spent another Saturday with the dog trainer and really enjoyed it again – I’m learning so much! I also had my first experience of holding onto a large breed while it tried pulling and lunging – thankfully I was able to hold my ground! I’ve only ever walked small – medium dogs before so I was very proud of myself xD

I’ll end this post with a very typical looking nail cutting scenario – note the packet of ham, phone used as a torch (black nails are the worst!) and plenty of belly rubs along the way!

Hurry up and give me the ham!

I hope you all had a safe Halloween weekend and that your pets weren’t too disturbed by all the commotion.

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14 thoughts on “Week in review – nearly 2 years!

  1. Happy two year anniversary. 🙂 The time goes by so fast, but you have achieved so very much with Bonnie. 🙂
    Fireworks are banned here in South Africa (apart from a few officially approved venues), so luckily we don’t have to deal with that. Good Luck for November 5th.

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