Dog Behaviour Class 1

Monday was the first class of the dog behaviour course I mentioned back in my Exciting News!  post. Although it was a long day as I left the house at 8am and didn’t return until 10pm it was totally worth it! I was super excited and had all my supplies and bag packed up ready to go the night before. After work I went to a coworkers house to relax for a bit and have some dinner then arrived at the class for it starting at 7.30pm.

First up in the class we received our course handbook which had all the info on the course including what topics would be covered each week and also our assignment schedule.  We also received our first assignment which is due in on week 4 (24th October). The classes were also rescheduled to start at 7pm from next week on so it means we get away a bit earlier woo hoo!

My supplies – notebook, notepad, pens and current book I’m reading (Dogs that fight and bite)

In this class we covered two topics;

Are dogs wolves? – This covered domestication of dogs and how previous studies done on captive wolves’ behaviour are not relevant in dog training

Reading dog’s body language and signs of stress – This covered how to read dog’s body language through ears, eyes, head, body and tail, as well as stress signals. We also had a class discussion analysing photo examples of body language and talking about why dogs might have difficulty reading other dogs signals or why dogs may not give adequate signals.

Both topics I have already read about myself but it was great to hear about the topics from professionals themselves and also to have the discussions with the rest of the class. The first assignment is also related to the first topic of domestication of dogs and has a 1000 word limit so I’m looking forward to the weekend to get that all hammered out.

I’m so glad I went ahead with doing the course and I’m super excited to see how much I progress and learn over the next 10 weeks!

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