Week in review – new phone & slow mo videos

This week I felt pretty tired, unmotivated and like I hadn’t achieved much but now looking back it was actually a pretty busy and productive week, funny how that happens! This time last week I got a new phone and I have been really enjoying using all the new functions and the camera on it, it’s definitely a big upgrade from my previous 3 year old phone and it’s nice to not have to always be bugging my partner to take photos or borrow his phone haha.

For this week’s walks we did a mixture of walking around our neighbourhood, into town, along the seafront and also to our favourite park Hazelbank to take final advantage of the summer opening hours as it now closes early at 8pm 😦 As always we are continuing our loose lead training, general focus outside and muzzle training.

Nothing too out of the ordinary happened this week on walks except 1. A small grumbly match between her and an off-lead lab but it wasn’t really anything to worry about and she came away easily 2. In Hazelbank while me and Bonnie were playing off-lead another off-lead dog came out of nowhere with owners halfway across the park and started a chase game with Bonnie. Thankfully since Bonnie was already in a playful mood from playing about with me she didn’t take offence and just had a bit of fun with it, but it was really difficult to get them to stop and the other dog’s owners didn’t attempt to call it back or even walk closer to help out.

Carrickfergus castle
Posing outside Shake Shack – we have become slightly obsessed with their milkshakes!
Muzzle training on our walks – not paying attention at all as there is a bird over there xD

I have been having a lot of fun with recording videos especially slow motion as it’s so fascinating to watch things slowed down! The first video is after a few attempts at learning a switch sides cue while walking. And the other two are just fun slow motion videos 🙂

We bought a frisbee this week to see how Bonnie would react and if she would like to chase it as when we first got her she didn’t really know how to play at all. As you can see below she didn’t quite get the appeal!

After so much muzzle training recently this is what she came up with haha

Our office took part in the Macmillan Cancer coffee morning on Friday and we baked some chocolate brownies to contribute. Bonnie tried her best to convince me that she deserved a brownie too – sorry Bonnie but not a chance!

We went back to Pet Warehouse NI to buy more Nutriment as she is really getting on fab with it. We have had no upset stomachs yet since switching her over so fingers crossed! She did great in the store but we got ambushed by a man who encouraged her excitement and when we said sorry please ignore her we are training rather than him acknowledging that and backing off, he instead encouraged her jumping, petted her and asked what she was training for and asking us to clarify multiple times. God I was so mad as both me and my partner tried to make it clear that we didn’t want to be disturbed but anymore we are just going to walk the other way than try to explain ourselves. When we came home we ordered a slip lead and customised vest/jacket thing to hopefully get the message across to ignore us as her little training bandanna is quite hard to notice so we will do a post on those items when they arrive.

Later that night I had a little chilled out grooming session with Bonnie (cutting her nails, trimming her hairy feet, brushing) and I thought it was adorable that she feel asleep between my legs afterwards although my legs were starting to go numb hanging off the sofa as I didn’t want to disturb her haha

Today we don’t have anything too exciting planned – we are going to have a relaxing day since tomorrow I will be starting my dog behaviour course(!) which means I have a 14hr day ahead so think I’ll need the energy for then! Hope you guys all had a great weekend and are refreshed for the week ahead!

Looking super fit at the minute 🙂 not that you can see much because of the long fur!

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6 thoughts on “Week in review – new phone & slow mo videos

  1. Bonnie, great job not reacting to the other off-lead dogs!
    I’m surprised the other owner didn’t come over to help. Makes you wonder…
    I’ve considered working with a muzzle with Liezel. It would probably help in some situations.
    The slow motion feature has really become a sensation! Everyone I know using it loves it.
    The video of you throwing the Frisbee and Bonnie running after it only to walk away made me laugh. I also very much enjoyed the picture of her muzzle through the Frisbee.
    Her sweet little face and expressions would have gotten her anything besides chocolate here! She was really trying to get a piece of that brownie. : )
    It is great that Bonnie is doing so well with the raw! Yay!! Have you noticed any changes in her? OMG with the other person in the store pestering her / you. Again, you have to wonder what people are thinking!
    I, too, with maintain very uncomfortable positions if it means keeping Liezel on me!
    Great post with what sounds like an awesome week.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. A muzzle definitely seems to get people to give a bit of wider berth to us so is definitely helpful in that way, but it does take so long to desensitise and get the dog used to them. I still wouldn’t use it for long outside because she still isn’t 100% with it and she gets frustrated at my terrible treat delivery through the holes xD
      She was very funny with the frisbee, it takes a certain mood for her to want to play with toys.
      I’m not sure if I notice much difference but I asked my partner what he thought and he said she seems more lively and energetic which I guess is true looking at it. She is still a medium energy dog as she always was but she’s more likely to really play with her toys or rough house with us recently which is nice.
      Thanks it was a pretty good week for us 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Ugh, people!! What is wrong with them?! We had someone read ‘do not pet’ and ‘keep your distance’ on Pixie the other day and ask what it meant…umm, what do you think?!?

    If you’re out with your partner do what I do and as soon as a moron appears just bolt with Bonnie hahaha! Every time some idiot approaches us with Pixie I walk off with her (partly because I don’t do well with strangers, but mostly to train Pixie and prevent anxiety) and my partner gets left talking to the idiot hehe. Luckily he’s very good at it, and has the patience without being able to be bullied into letting them stroke Pixie 😛

    I also love that Bonnie offered muzzle training with a frisbee – cutest thing ever or what?! XD

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Omg what an idiot like! I honestly don’t get people!
      That’s great advice I’ll definitely do that in future because it’s just exhausting dealing with them and trying to keep Bonnie under control – it’s just not happening like. And if I’m by myself I will just turn away too – they don’t deserve an explanation and I don’t care if I appear rude – Bonnie’s training is more important than that 🙂
      She is a little cutie like even if she can be a little clueless when it comes to toys xD

      Liked by 1 person

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