Ready for her close up!

Bonnie loves to pose and doesn’t mind the camera or our phones pointing at her at all. Here are a few recent shots!

She was “hugging” the camera here with one paw on top of it 🙂
As chilled out as you can get
Wee hairy hobbit feet that need a trim!
Less hairy front feet
She loves being held like a baby – she’ll lay there for ages until she gets up of her own accord
Her default pose now is a sit pretty – she offers this for nearly everything now!
She even does the pose for our dog walker who captured this lovely photo on their walk
Posing with the gang – also taken by her dog walker

The two photos above were taken by our lovely dog walker Ashleigh from Ashleigh Young Dog Services who Bonnie absolutely adores!

All that posing tires a girl out!

It’s been a busy start to the week so unfortunately I don’t have a lot of time to write much but I can’t wait to catch up on everyone’s posts soon! See you about!

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