Week in review – feeling like autumn

This week brought cooler temperatures, darker nights and plenty of rain! It’s definitely starting to feel more like autumn now. We have had to bring out Bonnie’s raincoat and my hat and scarf for some of this week’s walks.

Bonnie’s little rain coat for wet weather
At our favourite park – starting to get chilly!

Bonnie is still enjoying her Nutriment raw food and is getting on great with it. We have got used to storing, defrosting and serving it and it’s really no more inconvenient than kibble. As it is a complete and balanced meal it’s straightforward but I imagine DIY raw would be much more involved because of research, finding suppliers for each component and balancing the diet.

Bonnie doing her best begging pose
Begging over now give me the food!

On the training sides of things we have got a new bigger muzzle which fits Bonnie much better and have been getting her used to that. We are also getting her used to leaving her alone and be happy in her pen by feeding all her meals in there.

New muzzle at the top (size 4) is much more comfortable on Bonnie

As I love to take videos of our training sessions to keep track of our progress, critique my technique and also to share with you guys I bought a Tripod for my phone so I could record videos easier without my partners help. It’s quite a cool design and will definitely be used a lot in future!

Love the design of this – can be used in so many ways!

She is getting better with the potty bells and is now nudging them while they hang on the door handle with her nose. She only rings it when I am near the door so just need to work on adding distance so I don’t need to be near the door for her to ring them herself. That’s really all for us this week, we haven’t really been up to much special or even taking many photos so that’s all folks!

All snuggled up – best thing to do on a chilly day!

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2 thoughts on “Week in review – feeling like autumn

  1. The cooler temps are making their way here too at least in the mornings (it’s supposed to be back in the 80’s tomorrow during the day). It was a very crisp 42F this morning (around 5 1/2C if I’m not mistaken) and the dogs were ‘very’ frisky! Love Bonnie’s slicker. Very fashionable as well as functional at keeping her dry. 🙂

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    1. Wow that was a very crisp morning! Our days are still quite warm for us at about 18-20C and the same for us that the morning and evenings are much cooler than before. The coat is great – means less wet dog smell! 😀

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