Valley & Hazelbank Park Visit

Last Tuesday on our time off we went on a little trip to the Valley park during the day. The last time we had visited here it was super busy as we went during the weekend so this visit was much more peaceful and relaxing.

We had a dander around the pond, checked out the little monuments around the park and just had a chilled out walk with no rushing.

Lovely little duck pond – Bonnie is still trying her best to learn to be okay around ducks
There were ducks, swans, a goose or two and even a heron
Plodding along – her loose lead walking is coming along great
Some more feathered friends along the walk
Bonnie looking tiny in the giant chair
I’m glad you guys weren’t here to see the state of me trying to clamber up onto it!
I think she was checking out a bird here xD
Bonnie checking out our reflections
Bonnie was a bit disappointed when she found out that a zebra crossing had nothing to do with animals xD

When we got back to the car we still had plenty of treats in our treat bag, water for us and Bonnie and we had packed some sandwiches so we thought while we’re out why not stop along at Hazelbank park to have a walk and a picnic as we had nowhere to be or no errands to run!

We love Hazelbank park, it’s situated on the banks of Belfast lough and has lovely views. It’s quickly becoming one of our favourite spots and Bonnie is getting pretty used to it so can go off lead in certain spots which is great. We had a walk around the park, met another collie and it’s owner then settled back in beside the car park to have our little picnic. After we ate I did some trick training and just playing around with Bonnie which was a blast (You can see the video over on this post).

Plodding along again – it’s very difficult for her near water so she done great with her walking
We met this lovely collie and his owner- he trots alongside the bike and didn’t bother Bonnie at all – they went on to play fetch in the water and it was so lovely to watch
Bonnie sampling some water from this running water feature, although I had to hold it for her otherwise she wasn’t interested – spoilt dog xD
Practising her settle while we eat – even then she was focusing on me through the gaps in the table!
Doing some body awareness exercises
She’s looking so fit these days – I need to weigh her again to see if she’s lost her extra weight!

It was such a nice outing and we really enjoyed ourselves just living in the moment and not having to worry about rushing back home to get errands or work done. We ended up being out around 3 or so hours and I was so impressed with Bonnie – she really did behave brilliantly and she had a load of fun sniffing about, exploring, training and playing. We also made sure that she had some downtime while we ate and had plenty of water but she handled it like a champ!

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