Bonnie’s Portrait by Select Portraits

I was contacted last week by Louis of Select Portraits (Facebook page here) offering an A4 portrait of Bonnie which was so very kind of him to offer and I was thrilled to accept. I had a look at his previous work and was really impressed, I especially loved the artwork of his handsome collie Sherlock! After seeing his work I was super excited to see how he would capture Bonnie and set about choosing a reference photo. It was so hard to pick as we have so many photos of her but I eventually settled on the photo below as it captures her usual little expression as she looks up at us expectantly waiting to see what’s next.


He was super prompt at finishing the portrait and when he sent us the photo of the finished portrait I was just in awe and being honest I even got a little emotional! He had completely captured her little expression and the fur is so impressive! He even sent us photos of the portrait in progress which was so cool as you could see the work put into it and how he layered up the fur.

The final piece – I am in love!

In progress photos

Louis had also kindly framed it and made arrangements to meet up to deliver the finished piece. It was so nice to meet him and I am so grateful that he would choose to do a portrait of Bonnie. The finished piece is even more beautiful in real life – photos just can’t quite capture the lovely sense of life in this artwork. I would definitely recommend his work, it is absolutely gorgeous, it’s such a lovely memento to have of your pet and would make a perfect Birthday or Christmas (yes it won’t be long now!) present for any dog or pet lover! Again here are his links – Website & Facebook so go check him out!

I couldn’t do it justice – it’s difficult to capture properly on camera as it’s reflective

I haven’t been able to pick a spot yet to hang it up as I want it to be somewhere special! I was thinking about hanging it by her crate and have it as a centre piece with her certificates and ribbons around it 🙂

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17 thoughts on “Bonnie’s Portrait by Select Portraits

      1. The problem is I have no idea what style to get for the next one!! There are some great ones on etsy in so any different styles…I really like the ones that are done on the computer, they look very cartoony and cute!

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