Week in review – we love holidays!

We have been off work most of this week and we have had such a blast! I wont be able to fit in all the pictures and everything that I want to include in this post but I thought I would briefly cover what adventures we had!

On Monday we didn’t do anything too special as I was still in work. On Tuesday we decided to go back to the Valley park and afterwards went to Hazelbank park which is quickly becoming one of our favourite spots! Here’s our full post on this day out.

Met this lovely collie and owner

Also on Tuesday morning I had received an email from Louis at Select Portraits (Facebook page here) asking if I would like a portrait of Bonnie which was so lovely for him to offer. I was more than thrilled to accept the offer and the finished piece is absolutely amazing – I am always in awe of artist’s skills I just can’t comprehend the time and talent that goes into such wonderful art. I will be collecting the piece tomorrow so I can’t wait to show you guys! Find the post here.

On Wednesday we decided to pay another visit to Pet & Country Dog Friendly Café and Pet Shop. Afterwards we went into Portrush to have a dander about and get some fish and chips to eat at the seafront – it was total bliss until Bonnie decided it was a bit too peaceful for her liking! Again I’ll be doing a separate post because there’s too many photos to include here!

Chilling at the café
Feeling the sand between our toes!

On Thursday me and my partner went to visit my mum for half of the day (she lives 90 minutes drive away) and Bonnie got a walk with her usual walker while we were out. When we came back I fancied buying a game so we took Bonnie into Belfast city centre with us – she was fab!

So hard to get action shots that aren’t blurry! She’s turning into a proper city dog though!

On Friday we didn’t do anything special. We all had a bit of a chill out day as we were a bit tired from all our travelling which I think Bonnie appreciated as she was so sleepy and snugly all day.

On Saturday we spent a bit of time in the garden in the afternoon and finally got around to cutting the grass – this warm and wet weather means it was turning into a bit of a jungle! We even found a little frog which we transported over the wall just in case Bonnie thought about eating it!

Sorry for destroying your home!

In the evening we took Bonnie to Loughshore park and let her have a bit of fun in the shallows on her long line. We tried throwing her ball to see if she would fetch it as she had learned to do it at our visit to the hydrotherapy pool but she just chased it and then immediately dropped it! Fortunately the tide eventually brought it close enough so we could grab it but it left both me and my partner soaked! It was a really mild night though and Bonnie was having so much fun that we couldn’t take it seriously and just had a laugh 🙂

Belfast city in the background

Today we haven’t made any plans yet because we are getting ready to go back to work – laundry, tidying etc. But I think a nice walk with Bonnie and chilling with some takeaway for dinner will be the perfect Sunday and the perfect end to a great week!

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7 thoughts on “Week in review – we love holidays!

  1. Another post that makes me smile 🙂

    I really like the photo of Bonnie on the beach with the lights behind her. Could I possibly copy it and have a bit of a play with it on Faststone? 😀 I don’t have anything specific in mind but sometimes photos just demand to be messed about with…they usually turn out terrible but I do love messing about editing things ^__^

    Bonnie in the cafe = beautiful, and I’m really excited to see her portrait!

    Every time I see your rope lead it makes me want to buy a pink one too. I have the really pale green one and I love it, but duh Pixie is a girl and a pink lead would so suit her XD

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I can’t wait to share her portrait and also to find a spot in the house to put it up, it’s so exciting 😀
      Hehe sure one more lead couldn’t hurt could it haha I love those hurtta leads they are so useful. I put mines in the wash the other day because of the sand and it came out looking so new and I was like was this the original colour all confused because I was so used to seeing it dirty haha

      Liked by 1 person

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