Training Progress Videos

Recently Bonnie seems to be on a roll with training and I am so proud of how she is doing these days. She is doing great with loose lead walking, ignoring people on walks and staying calm and collected in scenarios that we would have never have dreamed of when she first came home. We’ve been trying to take more videos of Bonnie out and about so we can keep better track of her progress so I thought I would share some recent footage with you all.

We have been taking Bonnie into town at night recently to get her more used to the sights and smells of a busy town street and to do some fun “barkour”. She has been doing great with her leash walking in more distracting environments so we have even started practising off leash walking (dragging her leash) when it is quiet.
In the video below we were also doing some practise with her muzzle on as we want to eventually use the muzzle on some walks so hopefully other owners won’t let their dogs run up to Bonnie and maybe people won’t try to distract her while we are training (why do people make kissy noises when I’m trying to keep her calm walking past people!)

She is also doing great training in new environments and keeping her focus on me rather than being hyper vigilant and worrying about what’s happening around her. She is definitely more calm and starting to gain a quiet confidence as she looks to me for guidance more and more. In the video below we were at a parking spot at a park just after we had a bad run in with another dog and their owner but you can see she recovered really well and was enjoying herself as we goofed about a bit.

We have been having a lot of fun together doing tricks training and it seems to have really built our bond which is great especially after the unfortunate incident earlier in the year. I just love her enthusiasm and how she engages with me more and more even with distractions like birds nearby – like the noisy bugger in the video below! Also I love her little bark and grumbles while doing the leg weave 🙂

We have made so much progress together in the past while and I am so proud of Bonnie, she has seriously come on leaps and bounds. She is not “perfect” by any means (I’ll be doing a post soon about one area we are really struggling with!) but then who really is! The thing that matters most is she now is a more confident, engaged and happy dog that we feel comfortable being able to take more and more places so that we can keep up her socialisation and keep her mentally and physically stimulated. And going from the low earlier in the year to this high makes me not worry about if we ever hit a stumbling block again because I know that we can recover as long as we work as a team!

My special little doggy – this is how we relax after our training xD

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13 thoughts on “Training Progress Videos

  1. Because of the inevitable “idiot factor” (I meet those regularly), Ray has had periodic set backs but, overall, he is making progress. I would expect you and Bonnie to be much the same and, as time progresses, the set backs will probably be less of an impact. The muzzle is a wonderful idea because not only does it serve a safety purpose, but it will give Bonnie lots of space. As I mentioned in my book about Ray, we were asked by a dog behaviorist “When was the last time you petted a dog wearing a muzzle?” We tend not to and Ray loved the “space” it gave him! A word of caution though. Ensure that the muzzle allows Bonnie to open her mouth (to take treats, and breath as necessary). We use a Baskerville which is excellent. Do not get one of those fabric wrap around and velcro type as they are intended for vet use which is very short term muzzling. As for Bonnie or Ray being perfect? That is not achievable for either humans or dogs!

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    1. Haha yes I love that question, although there is an unfortunate stigma about muzzles being for “bad” dogs at least that should offer us a bit more peace out on walks.
      It’s not very clear in the video but we are using the Baskerville one too, it really is great, I don’t think I have found a better designed one elsewhere. Although I think I might need to size up as I got the recommended size for a border collie but it seems a bit short so would like it to be a bit more comfortable for her.
      Yep it definitely isn’t achievable and would be a fools errand to try – we can only try to be our personal best. I am always very skeptical when people say their dogs are “100%” or bombproof, as at the end of the day dogs are not programmable robots, no matter how well trained they are something might just capture their interest and all their training could be forgotten in the moment!


      1. Hi Laura. I agree with everything you said. The news is always reporting on 100% “bomb proof” dogs who just bit somebody (“He’s never done that before! I just don’t know how it could have happened!”)!

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      2. Yep it always seems to be the one that they would’ve never expected it from. It almost seems that if a dog is good natured and easy going sometimes the owner will “abuse” that by putting them into stressful situations where as an owner of a dog with “issues” would not tempt fate!

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  2. You’re doing so well! What I love to see in your videos, is your calm energy, which helps Bonnie so much. 🙂 And it’s great to see Bonnie having lots to think about – she is a Border Collie after all, and needs to work. 🙂

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    1. Thank you I really appreciate that as I used to be quite nervous out and about worrying about how to handle any situations we might have got into but I’ve definitely chilled out a bit so it’s great that someone could notice that 🙂
      She really does seem to enjoy her “work”, it keeps her body and brain active and is helping me get fit too!

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  3. Your training videos always leave me sat here grinning like a moron 🙂

    Seriously I could watch you and Bonnie training all day. Loved the town one where she was sniffing something and you recalled her, loved the leg weaves (also Kasper makes that same noise when doing training he is excited about!!!) and I especially enjoy just watching her body language and interaction with you. Beautiful 🙂

    Really want to get to the muzzle stage you’re at with any of our dogs, but especially Kasper and Pixie. I admit I’ve been majorly slacking recently and haven’t done muzzle work with anyone, but there’s so much to do atm (especially with Pixie) I’m overwhelmed. Really really really want to get her dreadfully long talons to a better length but it’s so sloooow going :/

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