Week in review – Why’d the geese cross the road?

We finally got a calmer week after the excitement of the past while and even better we are off work from tomorrow until the end of the week so good times ahead! We don’t have too much planned but we’ll be sure to get out on some nice adventures with Bonnie 🙂

Bonnie is glad of the restful week

At the doggy event we went to last week  we got Bonnie a teddy bear from the teddy tombola at the event for only 50p! Total bargain and as you can see below it has been a huge hit – total devastation to the poor bear.

The after math – guts everywhere
The innocent victim

To the frustration of Bonnie I have re-stuffed it and I’m even considering sewing up the holes to make it last that bit longer since she seems to enjoy it so much! Talking about sewing I have a sewing project inbound – I’m just waiting on a delivery of a quilting ruler before I can start properly as apparently I do not have a straight eye in my body! Anyone want to take a guess at what I’ll be making?

Guess what I’ll be? Hopefully it will be completed sometime this week!

We didn’t get up to much out of the ordinary this week but on Sunday we went to the Valley leisure park for a visit with Bonnie (we were on the hunt for Kabutos in Pokemon Go but no luck unfortunately!). We had a fun time walking around and building up Bonnie’s endurance with her backpack as well as doing some off lead time and practising tricks.

She was fab walking past adults and children but we had to retreat back to the car when a woman with a small dog on a retractable leash and who would not stop squeaking a squeaker toy near us caused Bonnie to become really frustrated, so we had to quickly leave the area. We had a bit of fun with tricks at the car park to calm her down and hopefully not leave any bad impressions of the place but she recovered really quickly the little star!

Learning to chill
Love her tail and butt wiggle in this – her enthusiasm is infectious ❤
Something we always did as kids – walking along the walls
Some tricks in the car park
“This is so much fun!”

After we left there was a bit of a delay in our journey – some geese decided to cross the road! Thankfully all the drivers were very respectful and gave them plenty of time to get past.

So why’d the geese cross the road?
To immediately turn and cross the road back to the original side apparently!
Needless to say they really caught Bonnie’s eye!

We have also been trying out some new tricks this week but since this is getting so long already I think I’ll do a separate post with our training updates! We found this photo from the event last week so I thought I would share it. I’m so proud of her being able to be this calm so close to other dogs considering we had to drop our training classes earlier this year because she wasn’t able to cope. She continually impresses us with her improvements ❤


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4 thoughts on “Week in review – Why’d the geese cross the road?

  1. Awww what a lovely post! 🙂

    Great pics, and omb those geese are hilarious!! I remember about five years ago I was camping with some friends in the middle of nowhere and we were were driving down a really narrow country lane, and this pheasant just would not move from in front of the car, walking the way we were going…after five minutes of crawling along at pheasant speed I had to get out and chase him off the road hahaha!

    I love the photos of Bonnie in her backpack and the ones in the carpark. Very intrigued to see what you’re making too 😉

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Aw thank you 🙂 the geese honestly were the best, it was so nice to see everyone giggling at them rather than being annoyed to be stuck in traffic. Haha silly pheasant, we don’t see much of them around here!
      The quilting ruler was supposed to arrive today but no sign yet – silly Amazon Prime – so no progress made on it just yet but I really hope it works out. I guess I’ll show it on the blog even if it is a fail haha

      Liked by 1 person

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