Ballybolley Forest Hike

Back at the beginning of this blog Bonnie and I went for the first time to Ballybolley forest with the Pack of Paws Belfast Dog Walking Club (post here). As it’s fairly close by we decided another visit was long overdue!

It was a lovely walk as the weather was perfect, it was really quiet and the views are gorgeous.

Bonnie’s favourite way to start a hike – some treats (they’re for the energy right?!)
Struggling to untangle the long line as always!
What next?

I wore the Hurtta Hiker belt and used both the Hurtta training leash (reviewed here) and a cheap 10m long line. Bonnie wore her Palisades harness without the saddlebags as it would’ve been a bit too far as we are still building up endurance on shorter walks. I also made sure to pack water (for all of us) and her water bowl for breaks as we walked.

Me and my best buddy ❤ can see a bit of the scenery here but we didn't do it justice!
Overturned tree roots

The forest had changed a lot since I last visited – it was very overgrown, there weren’t really any streams like last time and so many trees and their roots had been overturned from the wind but it’s still a beautiful forest and it was lovely to amble about and soak it all in. She got to have plenty of time “off leash” aka dragging the long line which let us capture what I think is one of Bonnie’s best photos of her recalling xD

Looks pretty normal right?
Think again – crazy border collie coming right for you!
And in motion!

Hehe what a little goofball! Needless to say we were all tired out from our fun adventure and maybe next time we won’t leave it for so long!

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11 thoughts on “Ballybolley Forest Hike

    1. It is really gorgeous. I must try to get better photos next time as I only realised my camera batteries were dead when we arrived which was a shame. Yes it’s a big loop where you start at the bottom and you walk uphill and then it mostly levels out then at the end there’s a lovely downhill section that helps you get back to the car if you’re tired haha

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      1. Hahaha! When we lived in Yorkshire we had a walk a bit like that…probably not quite as picturesque or long, but when you got to the top there was a large open moorland and if you walked to the end of the cliffs the view was just breathtaking over the town.

        Oh I detest cameras haha. My camera literally goes from saying it has full battery to flashing red and refusing to take photos in the space of a few minutes – there’s absolutely no warning at all. So frustrating when I’ve lugged it out on a dog walk with us 😀

        Liked by 1 person

      2. That sounds absolutely lovely, it really is so nice to just soak in views like that – it feels good for the soul 🙂
        Yep they are a total pain, great when they’re working, and is like lugging round a giant paper weight when they’re not haha

        Liked by 1 person

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