Pet Munchies Treats Review

It’s been a while since we posted a review so I though I would cover some of our favourite treats! As we are continuously training Bonnie, whether it’s tricks, agility, loose lead walking or just general socialisation, we always have a steady supply of good treats to let her know when she’s doing well.

Pet Munchies are a great brand that use quality human-grade meat with no rubbish filler ingredients. They have a good range of products so you’re bound to find something that your dog enjoys whether they are a fussy eater or have a sensitive stomach or allergies. And even better they are pretty reasonably priced making them great value for money.


We purchased a box each of the Duck Fillets and the Liver & Chicken Training Treats from Amazon as it was cheaper than buying the separate packets in local shops – retail prices are around £2.99 for the 80g range of treats and £1.60 for the training treats range. And although the initial cost is higher they last a long time.  Each box contains 8 packets and each packet weighs 80g and 50g respectively.

 Very short list of ingredients – click to zoom

Although each packet looks quite small they manage to pack a lot of treats into them, the packets are like a little Tardis!


The Duck Fillets are a large treat – each about the size of a finger or slightly larger and are pretty chewy so they are better suited to using as high value treats in training or just as a special treat like when leaving them in the crate. We like to use them for recalls and other situations where it’s useful to force Bonnie to slow down slightly as it takes a bit of time to chew. In some situations I find myself running out of treats earlier than anticipated so the great thing about these is that they can be torn (with a bit of effort) into smaller pieces which are great in a pinch.

One big treat = Seven small but equally tasty treats

The training treats are the perfect size for doing lots of repetitive training such as clicker training and loose lead walking. They are quick and easy for the dog to chew and their small size means it would be difficult to overfeed using these.


To sum up the Pet Munchies treat range:


  • A good variety of treats with different meats and treat sizes
  • Quality ingredients with no filler ingredients
  • Reasonably priced
  • Good amount of treats in each packet
  • Come in a resealable packet which is convenient
  • Seem smelly and tasty enough to keep dogs interested & motivated
  • Also supply some cat treats if you also have cats


  • I really had to think hard to come up with this negative but sometimes the packets cannot be opened by hand due to the part just above the resealable seal – sometimes it needs to be cut with scissors really close to the resealable part to open fully – something to think about before you take them out on a walk just in case

Overall we love the Pet Munchies treat range! Here’s Bonnie thoughts on their treats;

Please insert treats here

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17 thoughts on “Pet Munchies Treats Review

  1. The training treats look awesome! Can they be snapped smaller too? I’ve only used Pet Munchies products a few times…the last ones were some sort of circular treats, and they were quite large and hard and of course my stupid fat-dog (aka. Kasper!!) didn’t chew them AT ALL, so I haven’t bought their products since as didn’t realise they did anything small.

    Always on the look out for well priced, small treats with good ingredients 😀

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    1. Yep they are about the size of a finger nail and they can be torn in half with minimal effort, I just dig my nail in slightly then it’s very easy to tear.

      Yea we had tried something similar as well – chicken coins or something they were called and they were quite tough and Bonnie pretty much gobbled them too haha These fillets are better because they are more of a chewy consistency so it forces her to chew but there are sometimes when she is super excited that she will chew once or not at all silly dogs eh xD

      The training treats are a great size for gobblers and they come in a few flavours too.

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      1. That’s the one, the coins!! Glad it’s not just my greedy pup who swallows everything without chewing XD

        Do you just get the training treats from amazon?

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      2. Yep they worked out cheaper to buy the box of 8 packets from Amazon at the time (why do their prices fluctuate so much!) than to buy them individually from online or in shops. At the moment it’s cheaper to buy them individually from vet uk but with shipping would probably cost similar to amazon.

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      3. Amazon is doing my nut in atm haha. Just bought a Julius K9 on amazon Prime (so should be next day delivery) as it was cheaper than buying via Zooplus or Julius K9’s site. Got to the check out and delivery is 7 days away!! Aagh!

        Have you tried the Pet Munchies sushi training treats? I just stumbled across them on amazon and they look so cool! Also I never realised it was Pet Munchies that did the larger fish chews, we used to get the salmon bites and the skin strips quite a bit 😀

        Do you ever feed Bonnie raw goodies, or have you thought about a raw diet? I’m considering it more and more as I think the cats and Fabian could really benefit from it, so the dogs could have the odd meaty chunks too…I’d wanna do a raw-and-kibble diet, but just wondered if you’d ever considered it. The cats, Fabian and Pixie tried some raw fish today and it went down SO well, I was gobsmacked…the cats especially were in heaven 🙂

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      4. Yes I never understand how Amazon works, we have only done a trial of prime and it was okay but because we are in Northern Ireland not many things can be delivered next day its usually two days so prime would seem a bit of a waste for us unfortunately.
        No I haven’t tried those yet they definitely look cool, maybe will be the next ones we order but I think that will be another while as we may be doing a big zooplus order this month instead to stock up on stuff like the goo’s bedding, hay, wet food for Bonnie etc.
        We have feed her chicken feet, duck necks & wings and things like that before and we tried out a raw diet (using natural instinct food) for about a week or so but we just didn’t get on with it tbh I didn’t like the natural instinct food as it just seemed to not keep well after defrosting and was very goopy and bloody. I think I would like to try again but with Nutriment instead as that is stocked in a shop within 40 mins drive – again being over here means no companies want to ship or else charge ridiculous amounts but Poppy’s Picnic a newish company which looks quite good is looking into it on Monday to see how much it would cost, and also very few shops stock raw food – our pets at home only stock the nature menu nuggets which would work out way too expensive.
        I’ve read that you can do raw and kibble but because of their different digestion rates they should be feed ideally 12 hours apart and not in the same meal. I think it’s fine to feed dogs that are on kibble meaty chunks, meaty bones etc without worrying too much I think it’s more if you are feeding the complete raw meals and then also feeding the kibble on top of that too. I don’t know if you already follow them but does a lot of reviews on different raw brands so might be useful for you.
        Hehe that’s awesome, especially for fussy Pixie 🙂

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      5. It’s my dad who has Prime but we get to share it…I love that it does speed delivery up, but it’s frustrating that most things don’t actually arrive the next day haha 😀

        I think that’s why I want to do a kibble diet supplemented with raw, because if we did a full raw diet I’d want to choose the bits myself and would be too worried about getting all the right portions. I know you can get pre-made raw diets (I love the look of Natures Menu nuggets for example but sheesh the price!!) but they all seem to cost more, and I like the idea of picking my own bits 🙂

        I’d always heard the thing about kibble and raw food digesting differently too (which was why I hadn’t done kibble-and-raw yet!), but today I stumbled upon Pippa Mattinson’s site that it’s actually been disproven, and raw bits can be fed alongside kibble with no problems…which I was really happy to read and it’s given me a massive buzz about buying in raw treats now 🙂

        Ah that’s cool I do follow adventures of doodles but haven’t followed them long, so will have to go have a mooch around their blog 😀

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      6. Aw that’s cool that you get to share it, I’ll maybe check that out to see if we could do that with my partner’s family to split the costs as we would like to have the amazon video for when the grand tour comes out – also on the trial period we have been watching Mr Robot and we have got hooked its really quite different but can’t say much without spoiling things!
        Yea I get what you mean I’d love to do a DIY diet by choosing the things but there is always that worry that they won’t be getting the right balance.
        Oh that’s awesome! Thanks for letting me know, I feel bad for saying something not true but that is so widely “acknowledged” that I didn’t even think twice, just goes to show like! I can’t wait to see what raw goodies you get, a bit jealous as yous will probably have more selection :p

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      7. Yeah, my dad had already paid for it before realising he could share it with us too, which is awesome as we’d never be able to afford it haha, so definitely something to look into 😀 Oooh we’ll have to give it a try, we’re always on the lookout for new things to watch 🙂

        Totally, I always thought a kibble-and-raw diet wasn’t a great idea because of the digestion thing, but I trust Pippa Mattinson a lot…not only do I love some of her books haha but she seems to really know her stuff about raw 🙂

        I found a site recently that had so many great stuff I want to try (day old chicks, quail, ostrich, zebra, loads of boneless meaty chunks) but delivery is really expensive and we don’t even have a proper freezer atm just a tiny draw in our fridge hahaha. As soon as we get a big freezer though I want to do a big order so the postage isn’t as aaagh 😛

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  2. I used to give Bob treats but when his weight became an issue I replaced them with apple and carrot chunks. Now he is a senior dog I should give him what he loves best and will try the duck ones. Thanks Laura, I didn’t know they came in duck flavour.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes it’s definitely a balancing act trying to make sure their weight is okay especially as we use a lot of treats in training and socialising Bonnie. I’m sure Bob would love that 🙂 there is a feeding guide on the back of the packet too that may help.


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