Week in review – ‘barkour’, prizes and a runaway

This week was super long and stressful due to work so we were really glad to make it to the weekend all in one piece! During the week we didn’t have much time to go on any special adventures with Bonnie but for our walks at night we decided to take her into town for some extra stimulation and training while it was quiet out.

We did some “barkour” which is like the sport parkour but for dogs, so she got some time to go off lead and play with obstacles – jumping over, onto and crawling under things like benches etc. It’s great stimulation for her out as the town is always filled with new and exciting smells for her to sniff and combining it with the “barkour” means she comes home mentally and physically tired.

Performing a wait on the bench
What next?
Hehe this is so much fun
Woo look at her go!


Yesterday we went to a dog event that was held in Crawfordsburn Country Park which was the same place as the last event we went to. We went hoping that it would be a better set up and thankfully they used a different part of the park which meant it was lovely and spacious so Bonnie could get in and involved without being overwhelmed! It was such a beautiful day but it wasn’t packed so it was really relaxing and Bonnie totally rocked it.

Lovely view
Photogenic even while running 😀
Taking part in a competition – look at her focus ❤

She was able to settle as we stood about and kept her calm even after a boisterous pup unsettled her (I don't think the owner was too happy as she didn't seem to understand Bonnie was teaching it some manners as it was a very rude puppy but what the owner only saw was Bonnie telling it off haha oh well). She was doing so well and since the ring wasn't too crowded we decided to enter her into two of the competitions – Most Fetching and DICE Dog's Got Talent – and she managed to come 2nd in Most Fetching and 1st in DICE Dog's Got Talent which was great fun. We left afterwards as it was too hot out to stay much longer.


It was really nice to win the little ribbons and trophy but to be honest I was more proud of how well Bonnie did and the fact she was able to concentrate on me in a situation that would’ve been too difficult for her in the past. She was able to focus and have fun with me and besides the little shake off near the end of the video she was happy and engaged throughout. She did me proud especially because we hadn’t prepared or practised the routine (if you can even call it that haha) we performed. Also she had only just began offering the sit pretty for the pretend gun cue 2 days ago so was super impressed all around with her ❤

Today we didn't intend to go on any special adventures with Bonnie but she had a different motive! It all started pretty innocently as she was playing with a new teddy we had got at the event and we let her take it into the back garden to play with while we made dinner.


Well as usual we look out the window every minute or so to check on Bonnie and wouldn’t you know it there isn’t a sign of her in the garden. I immediately change from my slippers into my boots, grab her collar (because god forbid she bloody would escape when she’s not wearing her collar) and run out the front door while my partner checks the back. My heart is pounding frantically thinking what if she got out to the main road and worrying because she has literally no road sense. I run around and call her name but hear and see nothing so I run back to the side of the house where my partner is.

We see the little poop head then – she had got into the garden past the brambles and branches and across the stream and was having a wild time playing chasies with the black lab and it’s owner. I shout Bonnie twice, she turns around and spots me through the trees and thank god she starts running towards me, I keep calling and saying good girl and praising. She makes it over the stream and through the brambles and I promptly pick her up heart beating like mad, sweating and weak from worry. We make it back home and I feed her loads of high value treats hoping she remembers why to come back if it ever happens again.

You had us worried little pup

All I can say is thank god we have worked so much on her recall and our bond in general that she was able to recall off playing with the dog and from so far away. I will definitely be upping our recall practice to include out of sight recalls as she didn’t respond to me calling her name until she was able to see me through the trees so we definitely need to work on getting Bonnie to track me from voice alone. Also needless to say she will be supervised in the garden until we get the fence fixed from where she dug out -_-

I honestly was so worried that something bad would’ve happened so I am so grateful that everything turned out okay in the end. Hopefully your weekend wasn’t as heart pounding!

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10 thoughts on “Week in review – ‘barkour’, prizes and a runaway

  1. Omb what a rollercoaster of a post!! Just what you needed after a stressful week!

    Firstly I am so jealous you have a dog you can let off lead/lead trailing in town – even if it was deserted none of my three could do that! Veeeerry impressive 😉

    Huge congratulations to you and Bonnie for the talent show and most fetching (I think she should have won that too though 😉 ), you guys aced the talent part! It looked so smooth haha 😀 I’m impressed with both of your abilities to perform in that situation ^__^

    And finally the little runaway – AGH! Omb I would have been *freaking*!! So glad all the recall training paid off and she hadn’t gone near any roads!! I’ve had Kasper slip his collar at THE WORST possible time, and a lead snapped in a terrible place too. I can empathise with the terror and extreme relief 😀

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Haha I know hoping this week will be a bit more back to normal but we are off most of next week so looking forward to a bit of R&R!
      Honestly I never thought Bonnie would be able to cope with that but she’s really just seem to come on leaps and bounds recently that I felt it was safe enough to do as long as there were no people, cars or animals about, I’ll try to get a video sometime to show that she’s quite good but definitely not 100% trustworthy but then what dog is, it’s always a risk really no matter what you do.
      Hehe thank you I was really nervous as I hadn’t really “performed” with Bonnie in public before and also didn’t know how well she would be able to focus, but as distract-able as she is she sometimes gets into the zone where she just listens and engages 100% and I’m always so proud when she does as it’s definitely more frequent now than when we got her as she didn’t want to engage at all outside because it was just so overwhelming and distracting.
      She was a right little sod I honestly was so shook up, it’s such a terrifying situation. I’m so glad your scenarios turned out okay too, it’s honestly the worst feeling ever.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Wow – I’m so glad she came back when called! I think out of all the commands, it is the most important.
    And funny – but while I was reading your post, I was thinking, how well Bonnie did to concentrate on you in the ring, with all the distractions going on – and then you also said so. 🙂 Congratulations on this – and the ribbons 🙂
    And I love that you continue to take every opportunity to socialse Bonnie in new places. An anxious dog is not the easiest to cope with and many people stop trying.
    My own LM was totally unsocialised for the first 18 months of her life before I got her – and even now, 9 years later, she still suffers from that lack in her early life.

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    1. We were so relieved that she did, we’re definitely going to keep practising in more and more difficult scenarios just in case something like this happens again.
      Thanks she was a total star I am so proud of how far she has come since we first got her.
      Thanks there was a point in time where I felt really down and kind of gave up on taking Bonnie new places – we would just do the same walks all the time as I was anxious of her acting out if we went anywhere new but I didn’t want Bonnie to live the rest of her life sheltered and so we started really trying our best to take her new places and always praising and treating and not worrying if she did anything wrong as it was always a learning experience for both of us – it definitely seems like it’s starting to pay off anyway 🙂
      It is very difficult and frustrating as it has such a lasting effect and if only the original owners made a bit more effort so many problems could’ve been avoided but the thing that matters is we still try to give them the best even if they didn’t get the best start 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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