Week in review – wasps, Pokémon & ducks Pt 1

I’ve only been away from blogging for 5 days but there was so many great posts to catch up on so I thought it was only right to do some catching up on my side! I have so many posts I want to write so I need to get my butt in gear but for now I thought I would fill you guys in on our kinda eventful week. I decided to put this into a two parter because it got so long!

The start of this week I began my healthy eating through My Fitness Pal (showing my support for Bonnie and her excess 2kg xD) and so far so good. I get lots of exercise from walking Bonnie, walking to and from work and going for walks at lunch but I have a terrible sweet tooth and really struggle with portion sizes so hoping I can stick to it and make some healthier choices!

Monday also brought a text message from our dog walker that Bonnie had a case of the runs so we left work early and had a lovely present to come home to! Her new tags also arrived in the post which we have attached to her red dingo and ruffwear palisades harnesses so we have the option to go collar-less but to still have tags on. They’re from Identitag, we bought Bonnie’s original tag was from here and since it has held up perfectly for coming up to 2 years in October we decided to purchase from them again. The engraving is really good, I couldn’t be bothered editing out my details so sorry no photo, but the examples on the site show the quality accurately.


On Tuesday it was a beautiful sunny day so we had an extra long lunchtime walk up the glen, she was great on and off lead and we had such a lovely time. We also came across an apple tree that was just heaving with apples all over – it put the apple tree in our back garden to shame!

On Wednesday we received another text from our dog walker than Bonnie had been stung twice by wasps while out walking. She had pulled out the stingers and applied vinegar but informed us just in case she would require a vet visit. Honestly good dog walkers are worth their weight in gold! I immediately left and when I got home Bonnie was so distressed – she had dug up her bed, her water was everywhere and she was panting. She just kept pacing, biting at herself and shaking off. I put on some ice packs onto the areas she was stung (I could see the 2 areas as she had been biting at them) and then asked my partner’s mum to bring over some vinegar as we had none in the house and I didn’t want to leave her.

Very irritated Bonnie with an ice pack
Trying to distract her from biting herself

After applying the vinegar she started to settle down and finally have a nap, but later on once my partner got home she started to get seriously agitated again even after applying more vinegar and ice packs. We were really worried at this point and decided to double check all over her (I hadn’t been able to do this myself earlier as she was so reluctant to stay still for fussing and wasn’t taking any food – after the peanut butter in the kong above was gone she left it which is really unlike Bonnie) and found 3 more stingers, 2 in her back and 1 on her ear!

Poor pooch no wonder why she was still feeling so miserable, we quickly took them out and put vinegar on those areas. You could see the relief from her immediately and for long afterwards she lay in our arms as if to say thank you for making the pain go away – it was very sweet as if she knew exactly what we were doing as although it must’ve been painful for her she listened to me trying to calm her and keep her still while my partner extracted the stings and applied the vinegar.

Trying to hide away from the pain – it’s one of her safe spots

For the rest of Wednesday night and all day Thursday she slept most of the time with just potty breaks and walking to the water bowl as she was still recovering from the ordeal. I am just so thankful she recovered okay, that she didn’t have an allergic reaction which would’ve definitely required a vet visit and seriously so thankful that we have such an amazing dog walker that knew exactly what to do in such a situation. So to end this post always remember Vinegar for VVasps and Bicarbonate of soda for Bees, hopefully you will never need to use this info but it’s always worth knowing!

Recovering pooch – pretty much snoozed here all Thursday

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10 thoughts on “Week in review – wasps, Pokémon & ducks Pt 1

  1. Woah, poor Bonnie!! Five stings! :O Has she been okay since?

    We’ve only ever had one dog stung, and that was Zoey as a 5mnth puppy eating a bee hahahahaha – she grimaced a little and pulled the most fantastic face, then carried on as if nothing had happened. By god is Zoey a tough nut XD

    My partner got stung by a wasp this week as well, I wish we’d known the vinegar or bicarbonate thing then – very useful thing to remember so thanks for sharing!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yea she was okay after sleeping most of Thursday, she’s still not 100% energy wise so besides our big outing yesterday we’ve been taking it easy but she’s definitely recovered otherwise – no more biting or irritation from her.
      Haha omg the mental image of her face is just hilarious! What a trooper!
      No problem hoping you won’t have to use it in future but always useful to know – next time I’m at the chippy I’ll be grabbing the sachets of vinegar for when we’re out on walks just in case!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. That’s good. I was scared enough when Zoey got stung by one wasp haha, never mind five 🙂

        Oh it was the funniest thing, she was gurning so much god love her XD

        Liked by 1 person

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