Backyard Agility – August

Ever since we quit our agility classes, detailed over in this post, we have been doing our own little agility training at home. I am a complete amateur at agility training and we haven’t been practising much so we haven’t made great progress but I thought it would be fun to update regularly, maybe monthly, to show how we are getting on and so I can track our progress too.

Our little setup – quite basic but we are very much beginners

We have some jumps, weave poles in the form of bamboo sticks pushed into the ground and a tunnel chute. We practised doing “rounds” over the jump which is turning to the right after the jump, “through” the tunnel chute and luring around the weaves. Afterwards I watched a video using the 2×2 method of teaching the weave so I think I will try that in future as we didn’t have much success with luring. But anyway here are some videos of our (very basic) progress:

She has made great progress with the chute as she can now run through the full length of it confidently and she’s very eager to do the jumps which I’m so happy about – perfect start stays can come later! Finally for a laugh here are some animations of very much failed attempts, this is what most of our training sessions look like as I’m trying to figure out what I’m doing wrong!


I may not be great at this and look and sound a bit of an eejit (irish form of idiot for those who are wondering xD) as I haven’t a clue, but we are having fun together and it’s great mental and physical stimulation for Bonnie so what more can you ask for 🙂

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11 thoughts on “Backyard Agility – August

    1. Aw thank you, she is doing well considering my amateur training and direction. Yea we are very lucky to have this garden the only gripe I have with it is that it’s not properly enclosed on the side (4ft walls) so is very open and kids go up and down beside it – worried they would mess with the equipment if we left it sitting out and can’t have Bonnie out at the same time as them as they usually run about loudly with sticks or fake guns which Bonnie is not a fan of! – but since we are renting there’s no point in investing in a fence. But that’s just me being picky I guess, the last 2 houses we rented before we had Bonnie had rubbish gardens so we are just glad we have a nice space for her!

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      1. Me and my partner always say the only reason we’d move house would be an awesome garden for the dogs haha 😀

        We have a small garden outside, just concrete, but even then we can’t use the space much because it’s just too busy – three gardens right next to us, an alley that all the neighbours use to get to their houses, AND the car park close by. Lots of traffic and lots of noises, not good for barky Kasper and I always worry if the dogs play too loudly people will get annoyed :/

        I constantly dream about having the perfect garden though hehe 😛

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      2. Lol yea moving is way too much a hassle so it would need to be for a good reason! I’m hoping we can rent here until we can afford our own house as I only want to move once more lol but that is a good ways off yet! Aw that sucks for your garden but at least it seems like you have lots of lovely walks nearby? We have the glen nearby which we use a lot but besides that it’s just kinda suburb pavements for ages around us. Aw same here honestly think about it all the time, I even have a wee draft post about my dream doggy garden haha so it might see the light of day sometime!

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      3. We went through a period of moving house a lot – in three years we moved house SIX times!! So I’m totally over moving now hahahaha 🙂

        We’ve been here for a few years and although it’s not perfect it’s a good area with great walks, so we’re not gonna risk moving again 😀

        I’ve never really appreciated the walks in this area…growing up in Yorkshire I was literally surrounded by fields, woods and public footpaths, so I spent the first 6 months here whinging about the lack of walks haha…but since talking to other dog owners in other areas I’ve come to appreciate the walks a lot more.

        Do either of you drive? I really want my partner to learn to drive but we couldn’t afford a car…I just love the idea of being able to drive to nearby exciting walks, and it takes some of the pressure off a dog being injured and needing to get to the vet, too.

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      4. Ah 6 times in 3 years is ridiculous lol me and my partner did something similar where we lived 6 places over 4 years because of going to uni, then our placement year then finishing uni, we lived with others most of those years so we are so glad to have our own space now hate living with others except my partner haha
        Yea we drive so we are able to go to walks further away and its pretty convenient, my family growing up never had a car so it’s still a bit of a novelty to me!

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      5. We hated moving so much haha! Twice we had to move out in 4 months because the houses had serious mould/damp problems, one house had a serious issue with the floor AND the estate agents just happened to forget to mention the landlords lived NEXT DOOR (!!) and then one house we lived at had a dog that they just let into our garden all the time and poo everywhere :/

        I think if you’ve found a house you’re at all happy with in an area that works for you, you just have to keep it XD

        Yeah, driving does make a difference. It’s a lot easier to cope having few local walks if every now and then you can drive and do a huge hike somewhere pretty 🙂 We also have to plan our houses around how close they are to vets…there are some affordable houses out in the countryside with incredible walks, but with vets over 5 miles away we can’t risk not being able to get there in an emergency!

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