Bonnie is okay!!

I just thought I’d update you all and let you know Bonnie is okay and perfectly healthy! I am so relieved! The vet said that the “lump” is just larger mammary tissue which can be caused by overactive mammary glands which is more common in the teats further down their body towards the back legs. She says it could have been caused by a false pregnancy in the past, we hadn’t noticed it previously but it may have only become more noticeable as she has gained weight – 2kg in 2 months! 😮

I’m not tubby am I?

She’s usually around 14kg but was just over 16kg on the scale today. Since she was last weighed we had changed her kibble, added her morning wet food for her supplements and her morning salad so we definitely need to rethink her meal portions as we don’t want her to gain any more weight. We would prefer to get her back down to 14kg as we don’t want any undue pressure on her joints especially as we do long walks and agility with her.

I am just so glad she’s okay, I was so worried waiting to find out. I think we will celebrate tonight but not with extra treats – sorry Bonnie!

So glad my wee chicken is okay ❤

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13 thoughts on “Bonnie is okay!!

  1. Yaaaay, what great news. SO happy to read this 🙂

    Haha Bonnie the porker XD Joking, Kasper weighs 22kg hahaha!!! He’s not chubby though, I guess he’s just apparently gigantic! His weight increased as he aged; 9 months he weighed 19kg and at 18 months he weighed 23kg! And he’s stayed pretty much the same since.

    Pixie is overweight, I dread to think how much she weighs…she’s sloooowly getting used to eating dog food since coming to us. I think she was used to eating a lot of table scraps, so turns her nose up at kibble AND wet food…we leave some out pretty much all the time but she doesn’t eat much and has lost a significant amount of weight so far.

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    1. Hehe she is a little tub now 16kg doesn’t seem like much but she gained like a 1/7th of her normal weight 😮 think me and her will be doing fat camp together xD
      I don’t know where Kasper puts the weight – he’s pretty sleek looking, it must be all muscle 😀
      Aww it must be hard for Pixie adjusting to normal food after being spoiled with human food but I’m sure she’ll get there and at least in the meantime it’s good that she’s losing some of her “puppy weight” 😀

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      1. Hahahaha! I really wish we’d been able to weigh Pixie when she first came to us, and then we could weigh her every few weeks or so…it would be really interesting to see how much she lost!

        Yeah, Kasper’s looking nice and skinny at the moment (not skinny skinny, just healthily so). There was a period where he was a bit chubby and I wasn’t happy about it, but the past two years he’s been at a really good weight 🙂

        I’ve tried everything to get Pixie to eat, and am now at the point where I’m leaving her be – she’ll eat when she’s hungry! I’m also not sure if I’m just expecting her to eat much more than she needs to for her tiny size, because although she’s definitely losing weight it’s not super noticeable. She’s so damn picky though!! We’ve tried three different high quality kibbles, wet dog food, cat food mixed with wet dog food (because cat food smells more enticing to most dogs and she always seems more interested in it)…bah!

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    1. I might have sneaked her a few treats last night – don’t tell anyone! Although I think I’ll be Bonnie’s get fit partner as I could stand to lose a few too – we can both crave treats together haha

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