A bit of a worry

Recently I noticed something slightly worrying on Bonnie’s stomach – at her abdomen between her back legs she has some loose skin sagging down but only on one side. It feels a bit tender and like there is a slight lump in it. I have only noticed it recently and I don’t believe it was there before as we regularly check her over for ticks etc because she’s long haired. We made a vet appointment for Thursday so fingers crossed I’m just overreacting and it’s nothing serious!

A bit ‘TMI’ but you can see how it’s a bit like a lump here – don’t mind the thing on the right that’s her nipple xD

When we first brought her home she had a slightly infected spay wound and we had to treat it with salt water and some antibiotics so wondering could it be related at all to that? Anyway I’ll let you guys know what happens at the vet appointment, I’m seriously hoping I’m just freaking over nothing!

You’re okay little pup aren’t you ❤


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12 thoughts on “A bit of a worry

  1. I completely understand how scary things like this are. Jeez, Kasper and Rey just had a tummy bug and I was losing my mind haha!

    When Kasper was 3 years old I found a pea-sized lump at the base of his tail. I got it checked out by our vet at the time, who was absolutely horrible – treated Kasper so badly and scared the life out of him, then went on to say we’d need to have the lump removed and Kasper might end up losing his tail!!

    I registered at another vet after the rough treatment Kasper was given, and then decided to get a second opinion about the lump. She was absolutely amazing, so gentle and used lots of treats. Anyway, she said ‘bad’ lumps never go away and very very rarely stay the same size. Bad lumps get bigger.

    Although she couldn’t e 100% certain what the lump was, she was very happy to tell us to just keep an eye on it – if disappeared or stayed the same, absolutely no need to be worried or operate. If it grew, bring him in to talk more.

    Years later he still has his tail lump, and his tail haha! 😀

    Good luck to you and Bonnie. Chances are it will be nothing serious. Keep us updated 🙂

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    1. Yea it’s a bit scary as although it may be nothing it still doesn’t stop your mind thinking of all the awful possibilities. Aww I’m so sorry that happened to Kasper, honestly wonder why some people become vets when they don’t seem to have any compassion towards animals. I am so glad he got to keep his tail though I can’t believe the first vet even suggested that so casually! I’ll update tomorrow with the hopefully good news!

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      1. I know, I can’t imagine Kasper without his huge sweeping tail! And to examine him, the vet grabbed Kasper, flipped him onto his back and pinned him there – this was after I’d told the vet Kasper was a scaredy rescue dog, so please treat him gently! And people wonder why I don’t trust vets / vet nurses :/

        Good luck for tomorrow, hoping it’s absolutely nothing 🙂

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      2. What an arse! I don’t even want to imagine that kind of scenario it’s just awful, if it happened to Bonnie I would want to rip the head off the person but I wouldn’t want to scare Bonnie in the process as she’s so sensitive to people arguing, maybe I have to start desensitising her to me shouting angrily just in case lol thanks fingers crossed!

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