Chuckit Kick Fetch = Tired, happy doggy!

We had a little fun in the garden today with her chuckit kick fetch ball that we bought after she punctured a cheap football in about 2 minutes! She loves chasing it when I kick it for her then picking it up and hiding it behind the shed, I go retrieve it and the game repeats. It’s like her version of fetch except I’m doing most of the work!

Look at her crouched ready to chase!
Little bunny hop with her back feet hehe
Carrying it proudly with tail held high, ready to hid it behind the shed
Taking a short break to listen to next door
Oops accidentally dropped it!
Gotta keep my eye on the ball!

Needless to say she tuckered herself out and was ready for a little nap.

Who needs Pokemon Go? I’ve already captured this Snorlax!

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