Bonnie’s Car Games

Do you remember as a kid playing games in the car on long journeys like “I spy”, counting certain coloured cars or number plates from different counties/states? Well Bonnie has her own version of car games and they go something like this:

Watching the world go past and stare longingly at other cars and pedestrians – why don’t they say hello to me? 
Give my best grin to try and get some attention
It’s not working so I’ll just poke my nose through here – they’re bound to notice me now
How about a little cuddle – I’m not distracting you am I? 
What about you – you’re not busy – how about some attention over here?
How about if I come over this side 😀
I’m just tightening your seatbelt for you – keeping you safe so I am, maybe I could get some treats for looking out for you?
Are we nearly there yet?
Ugh so bored, wake me up when we get there!

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14 thoughts on “Bonnie’s Car Games

  1. haahah how cute! when we go on long road trips our two ridgebacks usually sleep the entire time (almost we come to a stop then they peak their heads up and we have to tell them it’s just a stop light go back to sleep) but our lab seriously watches and stays awake the wholeeeeeee time!

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