Pet shopping haul inbound!

Guys I am so excited! I ordered a lot of new pet things, mostly for Bonnie but some degu goodies, from Amazon, Forthglade and Camddwr Canine. I can’t wait for all the items to arrive so I can do some posts and reviews! I bought quite a lot and it was a bit expensive but I had an amazon voucher to use, we had a bit more spare money this month as we finished saving for our new sofa (needless to say Bonnie is loving it – see below!) and we saved £80 from not continuing the agility classes xD so it wasn’t too bad in the end.

Bonnie loves her home comforts and she’s no longer wary of the sofa seats reclining!

Two of the items arrived already so I thought I would give a sneak peak of what we got!

First of all we ordered some wet food from Forthglade as Bonnie loves their food and we love that they contain only good natural ingredients. We ordered a multipack from the both the grain free range and the just 90% range. The food arrived super quick and we asked Bonnie to pose with the boxes by asking her to put her front paws up. What we didn’t expect was her to climb on top of it and perch like a little statue xD

Also we ordered an agility chute since we are going to do our own agility training at home for fun. It’s the type of tunnel with the floppy material at the end rather than the rigid tunnels, so we are teaching it in steps to keep Bonnie’s confidence high. First of all we kept the tunnel folded so it was like a hoop, then we opened it out and folded back the excess material of the chute so it was like a normal tunnel and now we are slowly unfolding the excess material so she can gain confidence pushing out through all the extra material at the chute end!

She’s loving it so far as she get’s lot of tasty treats like ham and chicken for doing “through” which is the cue we’ve started to use.


We have lots of more fun goodies ordered which should be arriving soon so I can’t wait to share them with you guys!

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7 thoughts on “Pet shopping haul inbound!

  1. Cool I can’t wait to see all the stuff you bought! We purchased a new sofa a year ago and ours is leather and it looks like yours– covered in blankets cause the dogs loved it too and enjoy laying on it. We try to protect it a little bit from their nails but oh well.

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    1. Yea our last one was badly scratched from both Bonnie and my partner’s family dog as it was a hand me down from them so we are trying our best to keep this one newish, scratches will always happen I guess but it’s worth it for them to have their home comforts 🙂

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      1. Yes agreed! When we first brought our brand new couch home that we saved up for it wouldn’t fit through our house door so the back got all scratched 😦 luckily it’s a sectional so the back is against the the wall…I still know it is there though..It made my stomach hurt watching it get all torn up..Then one day we brought a new kitten home and we had to leave for a couple hours we came home and he decided to sharpen his claws on our couch.. :/
        I actually ended up finding a company that was able to repair it so now it’s all fixed!

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      2. Aww no that’s awful I think I would be so upset, especially because it’s such a big item to save up for! I’m so glad you were able to get it fixed though 😀

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  2. Our boys love Forthglade, we have them on something else now as it worked out slightly cheaper (not by much)…can’t remember the name, natura? I love Bonnie’s posing with the boxes!! ❤

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