Awesome Weekend With Bonnie!

We have disappeared a bit from the blogging world but we have been concentrating a lot on building our bond back up with Bonnie and just having fun with her! I wanted to share how well Bonnie is getting on and that it seems what we’re doing must be working whether it’s a single factor or combination of them.

On Saturday I decided to take Bonnie up into the glen with her long line trailing behind her to give her a chance to explore and be herself as we had been doing a lot of on lead walks recently. Although we haven’t practised being off lead in a while she was fantastic! She had a blast trotting ahead, exploring and sniffing, and came back every time I called her. She was enthusiastically running to me as she knew she was getting treats and then getting to go explore again which is her highest value reward.

Taking in the scenery
Imma coming mama!

In the video below you can see how she is just in her element exploring and loving life, we definitely need to do this more often!

Then on Sunday we decided to try her out at the Waggy Woodland Walk in Stormont park which was a doggy event to raise money for Cancer Research NI as it’s a cause very close to my heart. We loaded up our treat bag to make sure we had enough treats to reinforce her good behaviour and came fully prepared to leave at any time if we thought Bonnie wasn’t coping well. We have also been to the park before and so we knew that there is plenty of space which we could use to increase distance if she couldn’t cope well being close to all the action.

Wet weather doesn’t stop us!

First of all we registered and went on the 2k walk around the park then we came back to the main area where the stalls and events were happening. She totally rocked it as even though she was super excited to get attention from people  (the stewards were coming around to pet her and give her treats) she started showing excellent impulse control by instead of jumping up (we told the people not to reward her while jumping which like 9/10 people followed I was so impressed!) she would sit or lie down and wiggle her whole body in excitement instead XD

She also met a few doggies that she had polite sniffs with and disengaged appropriately without much intervention on my part. I just made sure that she wanted to initiate the contact and that the other dog and owner was happy with it too. I made sure to stay relaxed and praise her for her polite interactions, I was so proud as she even sniffed a great dane which was a first for her and she wasn’t worried about his size at all!

After watching demonstrations of agility and flyball we were able to go into the ring and have a go at agility and rally obedience which was super fun! We had never done rally obedience before and the trainer walked us through it and she was really lovely, it’s a shame that her classes are so far away from us!


We purchased some treats from Pawfect Doggie Treats, we got a dried duck neck, 2 black pudding sausages, 2 venison sausages and a bag of “spaghetti” which is dried pig intestines!  We also got some freebies from the events – a slip lead, a sample bag of Burns puppy food, a water bottle for each of us and some big bone biscuits for Bonnie.

My clever, goofy, lovely Bonnie – I just adore her ❤

We decided to leave after trying out the agility and rally obedience because we could see that she was getting tired so we didn't want to keep her out to the end of the event and potentially ruin the positive experiences she had. I was just in total awe of how she performed, she was fantastic and we went hoping for the best and believing in her but fully prepared to leave at any time even if it was just 5 minutes in but she thrived for about 3 hours in total! Don't get me wrong it was a lot of management and effort on our part as I was nearly constantly reinforcing her either with pets, praise, treats or walking away a bit from the action to give her a break and a sniff about but she was happy and wasn't showing any real signs of stress like lip licking or panting etc, she just seemed like a well rounded dog – even the dog trainer was wondering why she had a training bandanna on for 😀

Next post will be covering our first agility class so this week was very exciting for us!

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2 thoughts on “Awesome Weekend With Bonnie!

  1. Aww what a sweet update 🙂

    I’ve always wanted to try the pig intestines! (well not me haha)

    And isn’t it just the best feeling in the world when someone can’t believe you when you say how anxious your dog is, or that they have issues…I remember so clearly the time our (male) friend came to see Kasper, after not seeing him for about 8 months, and said “wow he’s like a different dog – in fact he’s like a normal dog!” 😀


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