Things we have recently learned about Bonnie

This post is going to be a bit of a break from our training posts and a bit more lighthearted. Recently we have been reminding ourselves to have a bit more fun with Bonnie and to look past her issues to the goofy, funny, cuddly dog she really is. So these are a few things we have learned about Bonnie recently!

1. She likes to play with footballs! I bought her a really cheap one to see if she liked it and as you can see in the video below she had a blast! At least right up until she punctured it haha so we are going to treat her to a Chuckit football sometime soon.

2. She doesn’t care about bubbles and they don’t phase her at all! I’m always so impressed when Bonnie handles new experiences so well 🙂

3. She feels safer being held in our cul de sac – when we leave for our walks Bonnie always slinks out the door and walks low to the ground until we exit our estate as she is wary and on the lookout for cats, off leash dogs and excitable kids running about. We recently discovered that she likes being held outside and it keeps her much more relaxed while in our estate. I might look a bit mad to the neighbours but I don’t care! The other day an off lead whippet came right up to my feet and Bonnie just calmly looked down at it like nah nah you can’t get me 😀

4. She thinks mannequins are real people – we went to an outdoorsy shop that allows dogs in and she rushed right up to a mannequin thinking it was a real person and tried to jump up for pets, which of course caused it to lose balance and fall over! Thankfully I was able to grab it and stop it from completely falling over and making a scene but when Bonnie seen it falling she looked like she wanted the ground to swallow her whole, the sensitive wee soul she is, she thought she knocked over an actual person . At least it gave us some good opportunities to train!

Training her not to jump on the mannequins xD

5. She is very particular in how she eats her salad and supplements in the morning. We have to use wet food for her herbal calming powder to stick to otherwise she tries to nose around and avoid it. It’s so funny to watch her eat as she’ll pick out the leafy parts so she can get to the good stuff and leaves them all over the floor to eat after haha.


6. Somehow she has finally learned how to de-stuff soft toys properly – she no longer eats the stuffing that she pulls out of the toy, she just pulls it out and leaves it to the side like a normal pup 🙂 It’s so great that she can finally play with soft toys without us constantly watching like a hawk!


We have had such a blast recently with Bonnie so I think we are going to prioritise  our spending on some fun enrichment items rather than training stuff so we can learn even more about her personality and what makes her tick!

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6 thoughts on “Things we have recently learned about Bonnie

  1. Adorable pics!! Also if that’s your garden, I am SUPER jealous…would love a space like that XD

    I need to try bubbles with Raiden, I’m not sure I ever have – or if I have it was a long time ago! We carry Raiden around other dogs he wouldn’t do well with (ie. dogs he’d get too excited around) and he stays reeeaaally calm in our arms too.

    The other day a young (5-4 months old?) white GSD/SBT sprinted over to us and began running around our feet, and the owners just ignored it!Then the dog started jumping up at both of us and clawing at us, to try get to Raiden/my treats, and the owners just walked off – I was really annoyed as it really wasn’t fair on Raiden, and after a minute or so actually had to shout “Can you get your dog?!” They turned around and said “oh yeah, okay” and didn’t even apologise…I’d be so embarrassed if one of my dogs did something like that, I’d apologise so much and certainly not just walk off 😛

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    1. Yes it’s our garden we’re super lucky that we have the space but unfortunately we haven’t used it to our full ability because of Bonnie reacting to the dogs next door and during the winter it gets very water logged as it doesn’t have good drainage but both has gotten better recently so we are starting to enjoy it more 🙂
      You should record Raiden’s reaction to the bubbles! Does Kasper do anything with bubbles?
      Some people think that carrying dogs is bad for them and makes them spoilt or not able to deal with other dogs but I think thats a load of rubbish, like with Raiden since he’s comfortable up in your arms and knows its a safe space it’s far better than leaving them to ‘learn to deal with it’ like it makes them some purse dog and less of a real dog. I’ve just learned to not care what others think anymore, my dog – I do what I want lol
      I cannot stand those owners! The ones that go oh its okay they’re friendly while they are actually stiff and staring down your dog or being rude by jumping all over your dog or even worse don’t say anything and don’t attempt to get them under control or apologise. Ahh ranting over lol

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      1. The weird thing is, Kasper’s really not that interested in bubbles (is it just me, or do Kasper and Bonnie have a LOT in common?) – the only time he was interested in bubbles was when me and Zoey were having fun playing with them, and Kasper pushed his way over and began to guard them from her *rolls eyes*

        I’ve heard it all the time that you shouldn’t carry dogs, and I couldn’t disagree with it more. If we see a dog that we don’t want Raiden to meet up ahead, on a narrow path, and we left Rey on the ground he would be pulling on lead and probably yapping; if we carry him he is totally calm, and even does engage-disengage in our arms!!

        Ah that’s annoying about next door’s dogs. At our last house we had a big garden but the fencing was crap, and next door had this obnoxious yappy dog that they let come into our garden all the time – it would happen close to a dozen times a day. We never gave it the chance to meet our dogs, because it was an obnoxious dog, but it meant we couldn’t use our garden at all, and even worse the neighbour’s dog covered it in poo >__<

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      2. Lol yea they do seem to have a lot in common, I think Kasper has a lot of traits from his collie side like the sensitivity of collies and how unfortunately a bad start in life seems to affect them more strongly than other more bomb proof breeds like labs. Honestly they would be either a perfect or disastrous match if they ever met, they would go off into the sunset chasing every animal they could find and then guard their catches from each other xD
        Yea it’s brilliant that Raiden is so calm in your arms, stops him from stressing out and means he can’t practice bad behaviour either, don’t see why anyone would think that’s a bad thing!
        Ah that’s so annoying and the pooping in your garden is just nasty, honestly don’t get some people, they have no shame like!

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      3. Hahaha yes, we always ‘blamed’ the Collie in Kasper for his extreme sensitivity XD

        Bwahaha I LOVE that about them, and it’s so true!!


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