Week in Review – sunny weather and nail clipping mishap

Again this week wasn’t too eventful for Bonnie as we have just been concentrating on training around our day to day walks rather than going to new places which makes it a bit boring for the blog but a lot better for our training. The weather has been really warm and sunny this week so we’ve been avoiding mid day for our walks so it’s not too hot for Bonnie.

Bonnie cuddles are the best – love how she’s sitting here

We have seen a massive improvement on focus around people and other dogs which was always something we struggled with as she’s a bit of a frustrated greeter usually. We are also making brilliant progress on loose lead walking too, we were using a flexi lead before as she seemed to have lost confidence on our normal lead probably due to some bad experiences she had on it. But recently we have had great success with her Hurrta lead now (reviewed here) and she can walk past other dogs confidently while on it and her pulling (which was never too bad but annoying when there was a really interesting smell or people ahead) has eased off considerably since we started consistently turning around and walking the other way for a few paces once she pulls. We still use her flexi when in wooded areas to give more freedom – still need to get a new long line!

Bonnie started a new behaviour this week – she started offering her paw to get her nails clipped. It was really nice to see that she was so comfortable with it. Unfortunately it took a turn for the worse as she must have flexed her nails when I was clipping them as it hit the quick, she gave a massive yelp and there was blood everywhere. We rushed to get the cornflour to stop the bleeding, I felt so bad but she didn’t hold it against me at all and wasn’t scared of me or the nail clippers which was a big relief as sometimes bad experiences imprint on her.

We’ve been working on improving her confidence with strange objects as she is usually scared of people holding things like sticks or anything like that. As we are part of a reenactment group we recently got (blunted) swords and so we have been using them to desensitise and counter condition with lots of tasty treats. As you can see in the photos she just got bored and was like who cares, where’s my treat xD

Since we hadn’t really taken many photos this week I decided to take a bunch while on our walk on Saturday.

This is our favourite place to walk of all time, I really must do a separate post some time showing all the different scenery as there’s load of different paths to take, it’s usually pretty quiet and it’s just so beautiful – especially now that it’s dried up and Bonnie doesn’t come out covered in mud anymore!

Bonnie and her mud “boots” before the weather dried up


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