Week(s) in review – catching up

I missed out doing the last weekly review so thought I would catch up and do both weeks in this one. Although I won’t be writing much as these weeks have been so busy but at the same time a bit uneventful.

We are still doing lots of training – both for fun…

… and for useful behaviours like teeth cleaning. The bucket game has been a game changer for all things handling – brushing, trimming, nail clipping & filing.

We took some before pictures of Bonnie’s teeth as we started to use ProDen PlaqueOff. We got this hilarious photo of her!

Face only a mother could love haha

She has a little missing front tooth from before we got her so we have no idea what happened to it.

We recently discovered that she loooovvves banana, which made it even more impressive that she dropped a banana skin on one of our walks today! I was so proud as she’s a proper little scavenger and usually won’t drop things on walks, needless to say she got loads of treats!

We haven’t been going on any special adventures as we have been making sure she’s comfortable and focused with our everyday walks and she’s been doing fab. For example today she was walking parallel with a few strangers as they overtook us and she didn’t even feel the need to pull towards them or try to jump on them, which is a big deal for Bonnie as she loves everyone and wants to greet them. She was just happily walking along with a loose lead and looking to me to get treats and praise.

She wants to be the singer haha xD

We’ve been making such good progress with our training so fingers crossed we can keep up our momentum!

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