ZiwiPeak Dog Food Review

I decided to take the plunge and order the ZiwiPeak dog food after featuring it in my Treats Wishlist recently. I decided to order the Lamb version as Bonnie can sometimes get an upset stomach with new treats but she seems to do better with poultry and lamb than other flavours so thought it was a safer bet.

ZiwiPeak daily dog air dried food lamb review
Bonnie was straight over and furiously sniffed the bag

I chose to get the 1kg bag and as we were running out of treats fast I was glad to see the size of the bag as it should last a good while. The food itself is a great size and can even be halved for lots of small training treats. Ian Dunbar actually recommends cutting them into 8 or 16 pieces for classical conditioning.

A handy measuring cup is included for measuring out meals

ZiwiPeak is a premium raw meat air-dried food with 100% natural ingredients and costs around £17 for 1kg or £78 for 5kg for the Lamb and Beef varieties and more expensive for the Venison and Venison & Fish varieties at £23 for 1kg and £98 for 5kg so is very expensive especially for larger dogs that need more food.

ZiwiPeak daily dog air dried food lamb review
No nasty filler ingredients, all high quality stuff

It is a premium dog food with high quality ingredients and is well rated over at the The Dog Food Directory scoring 4.7 out of 5 but is quite expensive (£2.27 per day for 15kg dog) even in comparison to other highly rated dog foods like Orijen (£0.73 per day for 15kg dog).

ZiwiPeak daily dog air dried food lamb review
Bonnie’s first taste test

Bonnie’s first reaction was hilarious as she must have loved the smell so much that she carried it across to the rug, dropped it and rolled all over it before finally eating it!

First impressions – smells so good I need to roll in it first!

I couldn’t justify the price to use as a main dog food but overall I’m really happy with using it for training treats. It’s has high quality ingredients, is a great size that is easy to rip into halves or quarters and should be pretty high value for most doggies.

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5 thoughts on “ZiwiPeak Dog Food Review

  1. Holy woah that is some expensive food – I think it’s the most expensive I’ve seen so far!!

    Is it semi-moist or is it crunchy? It’s Kasper’s birthday next month and Rey’s the month after, so I’m considering buying a 1kg bag to use as treats. For walks at the moment we have cooked chicken / kidney / heart as high value, ham as mid-high value, and a mix of cat kibble and dog treats as low value. I like to mix a few dry treats up to keep them guessing 😛

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    1. It’s not really moist and not crunchy in the slightest, it’s a bit hard to describe but it kinda has the texture of a schmacko in that you can rip it easily but doesn’t feel the same, it feels slightly oily? Like you can feel it if you’ve been handling them or ripping them up.

      It could be worth a try to see how they enjoy it, like you said it’s good to keep them guessing. Even if it’s not high value for them it’s so easy to rip them up small and use them as training treats for loads of repetitions in lower distractions.

      Aww I love how you’re planning their birthdays already, I’m looking forward to their birthday posts 🙂

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      1. Ah okay I get it. I just wanted to check it wouldn’t leave pointy bits when snapped – both my dogs have a habit of swallowing treats with zero chewing, but because Rey’s small they got lodged in his throat…we’ve had walks where a few minutes after eating a treat he’ll cough and it’ll go flying across the pavement XD

        Doesn’t seem to happen as much with small rounded treats or soft ones so I try stick with them, which is why cat kibble works well 😛

        Hahaha I’m terrible with birthdays, my partner’s and my dogs’ I get so excited…and it’s Rey’s first as well so that makes it special. I told Kasper yesterday (he was having an off day and had been annoying me all day) that if he carries on I’ll give all his presents to Raiden haha!

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      2. Yea it seems to pass the choking test as Bonnie sometimes gets her kibble caught when inhaling and coughs it back out too but doesn’t seem to have that problem with the ziwipeak. I haven’t tried cat kibble before for treats would you have any recommendations?
        It’s so exciting that it’s Raiden’s first birthday! I’m sure he will love all the fuss and whatever presents and activities you will have planned for him 😀

        Liked by 1 person

      3. We use all sorts of cat kibble/treats…we like Barking Heads for high quality ingredients, but we also buy the Felix Goody Bag treats as I love the shapes and they come in lots of different flavours…Raiden especially would get bored of the same treats when he was younger, so I like all the varieties of the Felix ones.

        I have a list a mile long for the dogs’ birthdays haha, we don’t have too much spare cash atm though (yay vet bills at the same time as both the dogs’ and my partners’ birthdays!!) so I’m having to hunt for the bargains 😛

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