Week in review – new adventures & training

This week has been a pretty good week for us!

Last Sunday we went on an adventure to Three Mile Water Park nearby with Bonnie as we have never been before. It was quite busy as it was good weather so we kept running into other people and their dogs but nothing untoward happened thankfully. We had Bonnie on the long line, as I was determined to figure out how to use it properly rather than relying on the flexi lead all the time. It went well enough, I need to hone my technique but it was a great way of giving her more freedom without worrying about her blowing off her recall or getting into trouble.

We definitely will be back as it was a lovely walk and Bonnie really enjoyed herself, the river is especially handy for getting any muck off her!

Most days we use Bonnie’s dinner for training whether it’s used during a walk, trick training, impulse control or for desensitisation and handling. So this week we have made some more progress on her sit pretty trick, she can now hold the position without the lure or treats being right beside her

She has also become really relaxed at getting her nails clipped and filed. She used to only tolerate it with the use of peanut butter but since we started using the “bucket game” she has learned that she’s in control of what happens so is more confident. As you can see in the video when she pulls away I stop and I only continue when she is on her side again indicating she is ready for more, she knows that I won’t continue to stress her and will only go at her pace.

Also for a giggle I began to teach her to “kiss” xD She doesn’t actually lick us when she does it, it’s just a nose target to our mouth but I thought it was cute.


On Saturday (yesterday) we went to The Ark Open Farm for a visit and it was good fun to see all the animals. I particularly enjoyed seeing the duck pond and totally fell in love with the mandarin ducks so think those are at the top of the list for when we get our house!

After we came back from the farm I took Bonnie on a walk into town and because she was behaving so well and the weather was so nice I decided to stop off at the pub and have a little drink outside with her. I couldn’t believe how well she behaved, she was settled and nothing phased her – people, kids running past, skateboarders, cyclists, other dogs – that is until her enemies, the pigeons, turned up. Then it all went a bit downhill as she started fixating and whining. I was so embarrassed, not for her behaving “badly” but in case people thought I was some alcoholic making my dog so bored waiting outside a bar haha

Here’s hoping to more great weeks like this!

The best part of working from home is Bonnie cuddles!

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6 thoughts on “Week in review – new adventures & training

  1. I haven’t had time to watch the nail video yet because we have to take Rey out, but I had to comment firstly to say I love the pics and the video of Bonnie sitting pretty is awesome, she has great balance!

    Secondly I’ve been housebound this weekend so spent a lot of it giving Kasper a pedicure and progressing with nail work (it’s taken us YEARS to get to this stage!) – he has horribly long nails because it’s been so difficult to work with him, but now I can clip and file his nail. All but two of the front nails are done now 😀 Also we recently started working on Raiden giving kisses on cue as well!!

    Bonnie is looking as gorgeous as ever 🙂

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    1. Aw thanks her balance is definitely coming along well now. Sorry to hear about you being housebound but glad it’s been so productive! Yous have done brilliantly getting Kasper to that point 🙂 Oh you def have to get a video of Raiden giving kisses, he’s such an adorable fluff ball 😀 I see you have loads of new posts up so going to have to catch up!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I noticed Kasper’s balance improved a lot when I taught him to beg, it was really cool!

        Thank you, it might have taken a long time to get here but it was worth it 😛

        Hahaha I’ll see what I can do about the kissing video, it’s my partner who has mainly been teaching Rey that so maybe I’ll film him doing it 😀


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