Treats Wishlist

It’s been a while since I last done a wishlist so it’s good to get back to it! I love finding new treats for Bonnie as it gives a bit of variety to her diet and it’s fun to find out more about her tastes as although she loves all food she definitely has her preferences, especially when training in distracting environments!



1. Armstrong’s Twisted Fish Cod Skin Jar – Armstrong’s Twisted Fish is a brill high quality local brand that I’m ashamed to say we haven’t tried yet! These cod skins look like a tasty high value treat and they come in a handy jar (a cute Birthday option with ribbon is available) which you can reuse with their refill packs

2. Pet Munchies Venison Strips – We have tried a few treats from this range now and they all have been a hit with Bonnie so would like to try this venison variety as she had some venison sausage over Christmas which she absolutely loved.

We’re always on the lookout for small tasty treats for training so all the treats below seem like great options for clicker training or anything repetitive where you don’t want the dog to be stopping and chewing a lot, for example in loose lead training.

3. ZiwiPeak Venison Daily Dog Cuisine Pouches – Yes this is supposed to be actual dog food that you would feed as their main meal but it would be perfect for training treats as it is basically small air-dried pieces of raw meat. It’s expensive but using it for treats would last ages and it’s sure to be a high value reward judging from the ingredients. Also they are highly rated by Ian Dunbar so must be good!

4. Treats 2 Sit Training Treats Starter Pack – This pack comes with 6 varieties and can be bought in 25g or 50g sizes. It’s a great idea to be able to try out the different flavours and see which is your dog’s favourite.

5. Barker and Barker Multi Pot Treats – This pack comes with 6 varieties and comes in different treat sizes which is good for catering to different sizes of dogs or even just if you prefer to give fewer larger treats or more small treats. They are also low calorie so don’t need to worry as much with overfeeding which is a bonus.

6. Teddy Lu 80% Chicken, Duck & Turkey Treats – These treats seem to be a good size and has a high quantity of meat content with some rice so no fillers like corn etc. which I really like, as well as being pretty inexpensive.


Any recommendations for treats please let me know in the comments as I’m always on the lookout for new and interesting treats to try 🙂

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