DIY Snuffle Mat

As mentioned in my interactive feeders post here we are big fans of using interactive toys to feed Bonnie for  mental stimulation. I’m always on the look out for new ways for daily enrichment so after seeing Snuffle mats online I knew Bonnie would love one as she loves to forage and play “find it”.

I used this tutorial, fleece blankets for material (from BM Stores) and this rubber mat.

It’s a pretty simple process but takes a bit of time to fill up the whole mat especially when Bonnie tries to get involved and lies on the fabric looking mopey because I wasn’t paying her attention XD

Pretty soon it was all filled up and ready to test out. Although at first Bonnie thought it was a nice comfy rug for her!

Wee blinky face

But once we sprinkled her kibble into it and told her to “take it” (our release word for food) she happily “snuffled” for her food.

Waiting like a good doggy

I can safely say she loved it! Lots of sniffing, foraging, and mental stimulation. Another bonus is that it takes a good 5 minutes for her to eat her kibble whereas if we gave it to her in a bowl she would just inhale it!

I also used some of the leftover fleece to make a shelf liner for the big degu cage for a trial run and so far it’s going well. They haven’t nibbled at it and it’s super easy to clean so think I will be making some more in future! I used this tutorial here and used some binder clips to secure it to the shelf.


I really enjoy crafting stuff for the pets so I should make a point of doing it more often.Someday when my sewing skills are good enough I would love to make a crate cover  for Bonnie as it would make her crate super cozy and den-like.

In other news we got a new hoover/vacuum specifically for pets, as our old rubbish one died, and I just wanted to show off a comparison photo. It’s going to make cleaning so much easier!

Left – One pass of the hoover         Right – monstrous amount of hair

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3 thoughts on “DIY Snuffle Mat

  1. The snuffle mat is such a cool idea! I’ve always wanted to attach nose-sized pockets to a blanket so they have to really root around for the edibles, but I’m useless at anything craft based 😛

    Ugh it’s SUCH a pain trying to find a vacuum that a) gets up the hair and b) doesn’t break after a few months!!!

    We went through so many, then asked for a Henry Hoover for Christmas a few years ago…he does okay. He gets blocked a lot (small rodent poops are his downfall…) but he’s at least lasted longer than six months 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. That sounds like such a good idea! What about using on of those over the door shoe hangers laid flat on the ground?
      Fingers crossed for this one, I’m not using it anywhere near the degus hay and poop as I think that’s what killed the last one! xD


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