Dog Storage Tour

I’ve been feeling a bit sorry for myself recently as I have a pinched nerve in my lower back which has been giving me a bit of grief but I’m determined to continue regular posting!

I’ve been doing a bit of spring (still winter really) cleaning recently and as we aren’t the most organised people we try to keep the doggy stuff gathered in a few places to keep it from overrunning the house or forgetting where certain things are.

So here’s our doggy storage tour!

Corner cupboard


This is a bit awkward to reach so we keep less used things here like dentaflexs, overflow treats, wet food and peanut butter.

Fridge drawer


We don’t have much in it now but at any point in time it usually has some of the following – wet food, cheese, ham, salami

Freezer drawer


All of Bonnie’s frozen stuff has it’s own side of a freezer drawer. There is usually frozen kongs but they haven’t been made yet. It also houses raw food and treats – duck neck and wings, turkey necks, chicken feet and hearts, and salmon and coconut treats.

Under-stairs cupboard


We keep Bonnie’s food container here, which holds her 15kg bag of food, with her Kong Wobbler on top. On the left is the treat storage drawers which is from IKEA. On top of the drawers is her Nina Ottison Dog Brick, a bowl that we use sometimes when feeding raw/wet food, and her Kongs waiting to be made.


In the top drawer we have higher value meaty treats like fish skin cubes, duck breast fillets etc.IMG_20160220_121021


In the second drawer we have lower value treats like schmackos, wainwrights lamb mini bones etc


The bottom drawer is a bit of a mix up with some freeze-dried raw treats from Natures Menu, random duck and orange treats I found in TK Maxx and a few other bits and pieces.

Box on top of crate


On top of Bonnie’s crate we keep all of her toys and chews that are not in rotation. We also store some cleaning supplies on hand in case she is sick. Her grooming supplies (nail clipper, file, slicker brush, rake brush, Kong zoom groom) and her muzzle for muzzle training is kept here. I’m hoping to get a wicker basket or something soon that will look nicer than a cardboard box at least!

Expedit drawer

In the hallway near the front door we keep all her things that we need for going out and about.


At the top layer we keep her leads, harness, treat bag and poo bags at the back. To the side is a James Wellbeloved promotional folder we received which we use for any documents, medication leaflets etc.


Just underneath is her jumper, coat (reviewed here) and a shoulder bag for if I want to bring my camera, toys etc on our adventures.

In each room we also have a mini Pringle pot filled with kibble for reinforcing behaviours when we need to, for example when we towel dry her mucky feet in the hallway before letting her into the living room.

This one needs refilling!

So that’s how we keep Bonnie’s stuff stored about the house. We also have the travel kit that stays in the boot of the car which I covered in this post.

Now when it comes to Degu storage don’t even ask, it’s all a bit of a mess at the minute! But maybe once it has some semblance of order I will do a Degu storage tour. 🙂


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2 thoughts on “Dog Storage Tour

  1. I love seeing how other people organise their dog stuff haha, that must make me very lame 🙂

    We bought another stacked storage rack that arrived today…thought it was going to be as big as the one we already have but we mustn’t have looked at the measurements at all – it’s TINY!! In the three drawers we have our grooming things (muzzle, clippers, brushes) and every drawer is full! Doh 😛

    We have a pot of kibble and treats dotted around the house too too haha. Our living room has *looks about* three pots of kibble and four pots of treats…Raiden has no patience so we need them EVERYWHERE!

    PS ~ I ordered the Hurtta training rope lead you introduced me to today, oops! Can’t wait for it to arrive 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Lol I’m totally the same I have a pinterest board filled with my dream house with stuff like dog organisation and training rooms xD really liked the big storage drawers you got, need to start looking at degu storage next 🙂 ah brill really hope you like the lead and you really can never have too many dog accessories eh 😀

      Liked by 1 person

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