Hurtta Training Rope Leash Review

It’s been a while since we did a review so thought we would cover one of our favourite dog products that we have bought. We now mostly use a flexi-lead (shock horror lol) with Bonnie as her lead reactivity and general confidence outside seems much better using the flexi-lead, but we still use this lead now and again.

It has double ended clips and an adjustable length, which makes it is a pretty versatile lead. Also the fact it had a pink option to match Bonnie’s harness helped! It comes in two lengths 2m and 2.5m, we purchased the 2.5m version. I’ll cover some of the uses for the lead then give my opinion below.

Apologize for the no-shoes, kitchen photos but didn’t want to do any outdoor shots because of the aforementioned lead reactivity.

Short Lead – 1.25m ~4ft


Useful for keeping your dog close by on busy streets. You can also incrementally increase the length by clipping the lead further along the different clips on the lead.

Long Lead  – 2.5m ~8ft


Great for when you want to give your dog a bit more freedom but aren’t sure whats up ahead, if your dog has poor recall or if (like me) you’re awful at managing a long line xD

Double-Ended lead


This is useful if you are using a front and back clipping harness for more control or if using a head collar such as a Halti as the lead must also be connected to a harness for safety.

Tandem Lead

No photo for this obviously but if you have two dogs that walk well together it can be used as a tandem lead but I think I would still prefer to have separate leads for dogs for better control.

Hands-Free Lead

If you want your hands free for jogging, running or clicker training you can clip the lead around your shoulder or waist or to a belt/treat bag/carabiner. You can also clip the lead around yourself to keep it out of the way while the dog is off-lead.


I don’t believe in tying out dogs in front of shops etc but it is useful for tethering dogs if you are beginning to practice stays outside and want extra safety in case they decide to break the stay.


Final Opinions

We have had it since May last year so around 10 months now and it is holding up extremely well to all the abuse we have put it through. Between getting muddy, soaking wet, sandy and dragged along pavement it is still in great condition and even though the metal components are a bit scratched up (from letting is drag along the ground) they are still strong and sturdy.

I love how you can easily adjust the length while you’re out and about so can react to different scenarios (making it shorter for people passing by and then longer around grassy/woodland areas for optimum sniffing and exploring). It is really comfortable to hold and has a nice weight to it, it isn’t heavy but it feels sturdy and well made.

Photo taken in the dark with a flash

It is super reflective so great for walks in the dark. It’s really easy to clean (we just throw it in the washing machine) and dries pretty quickly by putting it over the heater. It also comes in a few different colours so you can match with your dog’s other accessories.

Comes in  Black, Bolete Cherry, Juniper and Raspberry

Overall I’m really impressed with this lead and highly recommend it. I’ve left the link below to the Hurtta website for more details and where I bought it from (again none of these links are affiliated):

Hurtta Training Leash

Buy from Amazon


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14 thoughts on “Hurtta Training Rope Leash Review

  1. Yay Bonnie pics! ❤

    I've been looking for an adjustable non-flexi lead these past few weeks! We have two at the moment: one is really short (5ft at the longest) and the other is really long (5ft shortest length!) so I'm looking for something in between haha 😀

    How is it comfort wise if a dog pulls? Kasper can pull hard at the beginning of a walk or if he sees a cat etc.

    Definitely going to look into this, although won't be able to afford it for a quite a while – just spent £50 on a pet cage, oops 😛


    1. Bonnie can pull and lunge on walks but she’s 14kg and never really seems to put full force into it so the lead never gave me any bother, but me and my fiancé just done a little test there ourselves (we hold the leash around our wrist and in our hand instead of just holding it in the hand if you get what I mean) and I mean there is a bit of friction coz it’s rope but it didn’t bother either of us. We’ve only ever used rope leashes, never tried nylon or leather so maybe we’re used to it anyway?
      Hehe can’t help but spend money on our animals, is the cage for a new addition or an upgrade for another?

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Aww Bonnie is so dinky bless her 🙂

        Somehow we ended up with a right chunky monkey…even when he’s really skinny Kasper weighs around 22kg!!

        Haha thanks for conducting an experiment for us, it sounds like an awesome lead 🙂 The first lead we used was rope and we’ve had a few others too, but I honestly had no idea you could get rope adjustable leads. So want to just buy one now XD

        The cage is for a hopeful new addition, for a bunny 😀 Hoping to bring a little one home within the next week or so…we’ll see, we still have the indoor pen & outdoor run to sort out for when s/he is housetrained 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Seriously wouldn’t have guessed Kasper is that weight 😮
        Ah cool are you looking for any particular breed of bunny I’m not too clued up on the different ones except lop is the one with the hanging down ears? Lol

        Liked by 1 person

      3. Hahaha I know right?! He’s secretly a fattie 😀

        See I’m not *really* after a specific breed of rabbit (although I would love a Netherland Dwarf (tiny stubby rabbit with tiny stubby up ears!), a Lionhead or Mini Lop) but I really want to go the rescue / breeder route rather than pet shop, only I think my email is broken so getting in touch with people wanting to rehome their bunnies is hard!!

        I’ve found a few rescue bunnies that I really like the sound of (our last two boys were both rescues), and there’s a couple from a breeder too. Most of them are Mini Lops (yep, those with the floppy ears) but one’s a mini lop x Lionhead, which is what our last bunny boy was, so that would be cute too 🙂

        We did look into a Rex rabbit from a breeder, but they’re quite a bit bigger…their personality sounds so sweet though!


      4. I think you were a good luck charm, a breeder just got back in touch and we might be adopting a 7 month old chocolate himalayan Lionhead x Mini Lop next week!!!!

        Liked by 1 person

      5. Ah brilliant! So excited for yous hope it all goes well and can’t wait to see him/her 😀 so with you on the rescue/breeder front honestly can’t stomach going into pets at home these days, seen a lone degu in their adoption centre on Friday that had its ears all chewed up I cried on the way home because we couldn’t take him and I felt so bad for him 😦 sorry for the downer but on the upside love hearing animals going to a knowledgeable caring family like yourselves 😀

        Liked by 1 person

      6. Thank you 🙂

        It’s the saddest thing when you see a pet that you know you could love and care for, but which you also really shouldn’t get 😦 I hate Pets At Home. We know someone who works there…it almost makes it worse because he tells us about all kinds of gross things, and some of it seems so normal to him…such as rats biting through fear or Syrian hamsters ‘screaming’ when they get picked up 😦 Thakfully we don’t have a P@H close to us so I’m not tempted to go in and get sad, but a lot of the other pet shops are just as bad / worse…even the best pet shop nearby has had quite a few mice with URI’s, and gives out bad advice about cages :/

        I find it shocking how people can just get pets without putting any research into them. Someone I knew had TWO Roborovski hamsters in the smallest cage I have seen…it was this Rotastak one, and no way is it as big as they say >__<


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