Doggy Car / Travelling Kit

Recently we’ve been doing a lot of car journeys with Bonnie and sometimes in a rush to get going we forget things that could come in handy so I decided to put together a doggy car kit. I wanted to include things that would be useful if we forgot anything important, stayed out longer than expected or were in an emergency.
Dog Car Kit general items for travelling with dogs - poo bags, kitchen roll, towel, kibble, treats, water bottle, collapsible bowl and tennis ball

I packed some general items; poo bags, an air tight container with some of her food, a bag of treats, a collapsible bowl, a water bottle and of course a back up tennis ball 🙂 As Bonnie is attracted to mud and because the rain is never far off in our country we have also packed a towel and kitchen roll to help keep the car (relatively) clean. Dog Car Kit for travelling with dogs - spare accessories including collar, EZYDOG chest plate harness in red and Outhwaite Dog Lead in blue and black

I included a spare collar, harness and lead just in case of her usual gear being damaged or misplaced. I’m also going to order some duplicate id tags. A slip lead might also be a good idea to include as I’ve heard of people using them to safely lead stray dogs where it isn’t wise to grab for an unknown dog’s collar. Dog car kit for travelling with dogs - first aid kit, vet wrap and first aid reference notesMost importantly I’ve added a first aid kit and vet wrap, which I got from a Rhodes2Safety K9 first aid course I attended. It gives us a bit of peace of mind as if anything happens to us while on the road we can use this to deal with any cut, sting etc or at least help the situation until we can get to a vet. I’ve also included the notes handout we were given at the first aid course for reference.  Dog car kit for travelling with dogs - all items packed into an Ikea container

I packed all of the contents into a storage box from Ikea to keep it neat and tidy in the boot of the car.  I’m really pleased with the doggy kit as it takes the worry out of forgetting things or wondering what to do in an emergency. It’s totally customisable for your dog and if you don’t drive you could always use a backpack that you can grab as you go out the door. 

So what would you include in your doggy kit and did I miss anything important?

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7 thoughts on “Doggy Car / Travelling Kit

  1. This is such a good idea. I’ve heard of people who take their dogs out in the car all day and don’t even have water for them!
    As I live in a hot country, I always keep a large bottle of water in the car, and an old ice cream container for the dogs to drink from. They are strapped in on the back seat, which I cover in old towels, and old newspapers for the leaky old boy!
    An extra lead is a good idea, and the first aid kit 🙂

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    1. Aw no the poor doggies we always make sure to pack water if we know we will be out long but sometimes we take spontaneous trips and aren’t prepared so this is really handy for those times.

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