New Coat & Trip to Red Brick Coffee House

I recently bought the coat that I featured in my Dog Accessories Wishlist, I was going to wait until her birthday but I got it early so I could start getting her used to it for rainy walkies. It has actually been pretty good weather recently but I’ve taken her out on a few walks wearing it and so far so good she doesn’t seem to mind it.

Bonnie the Border Collie looking at the camera while wearing her new pink Ancol City Coat, waiting to cross a road on a dark morning
Waiting to cross the road on our morning walk, hate these dark mornings now 😦

I’m pretty pleased with it, it has reflective strips around the edge and on the waist straps, is fleece lined but not too thick so she shouldn’t overheat and has back leg straps to help keep it in place. Updated – I have tested it thoroughly in rain now and really impressed with how much less towel drying is needed compared to when she doesn’t wear it. The only negative point so far is that it’s a bit too big in the chest for her as it slips down but that’s not the coat’s fault. She just has a slim chest so will need to put some stitches into it to make it tighter.

Bonnie the Border Collie wearing her new pink Ancol City Coat, it's too big on the chest so is slipping down
Please hurry up and fix this mommy, I look ridiculous!

Also on Saturday we took a little trip to the Red Brick Coffee House after training. It’s a dog friendly café near Ballymena that allows dogs inside and outside.  We decided to sit outside as Bonnie can be a bit overexcited around people, she thinks everyone loves her and wants to greet everyone, it’s been probably our worst area for training as when she does get to greet people everyone except me and my fiancé reinforces her jumping and excitement as “she’s cute” or “she’s light so it doesn’t bother me”.

Bonnie the Border Collie laying down underneath a picnic table outside at Red Brick Coffee House
My ear doesn’t look silly does it?

We reinforced her for laying down calmly under the picnic table we sat at. Also any time she looked at other people and looked back we made sure to reward with treats. We kept the experience positive and most importantly short, she can get overstimulated easily so it’s always important for us to end an experience when she’s still on good form.

Bonnie the Border Collie laying down underneath a picnic table outside at Red Brick Coffee House
You mean I get treats just lying here doing nothing? Awesome!

I’m very proud of her and all the little bits of progress she’s made, when we first got her, nearly a year ago now, she would’ve been way too overstimulated and probably wouldn’t offer the calm behaviour in that situation even for high value treats. We will definitely be doing more trips to dog friendly cafés and restaurants to help with her training, we also have our first overnight stay at a dog friendly hotel coming up on the 23rd of October, so very excited for that and I’ll definitely be doing a blog post about it!

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11 thoughts on “New Coat & Trip to Red Brick Coffee House

  1. Aww she is absolutely stunning, she has such a dainty beautiful face! 🙂

    I’ve never been able to get a coat on Zoey (even though she acts miserable in rain / snow!)…she is just way too touch sensitive, and no matter how slowly I take it it’s too much. She still hates having her harness put on, and jumpers / coats / bandanas are a huge no-no for her 😦

    Raiden however doesn’t mind wearing things at all…so I’ve already bought him two Christmas jumpers bwahahaha!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Awk poor Zoey, at least she’s in the right hands with you, instead of someone forcing her to do something she’s not comfortable with. At least you can live voraciously through Raiden 🙂 Cannot wait to see his little face in his jumpers!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. It’s been one of the hardest things to work with, her sensitivity. When she was around 15 weeks old I finally got to the point where I could get her harness on with minimal fear – then ONE TIME I rushed her accidentally putting it on, and ever since she has been terrified 😦

        Thank you 😀

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Have no idea if this will help but I seen this on a trainer’s instagram and made me think of you and Zoey, her instagram username is endearingdogs and she is doing a dog harness challenge and she has videos about getting a dog to like it’s harness, you probably already know most of it but though I would say anyway in case it helps.

        Liked by 1 person

    1. Aw thanks, don’t know much about her past as she was a stray but she get’s overstimulated around lots of different things, so we’re trying to get her used to different experiences and bring out her confidence a bit 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Aw thanks, we do try our best for her, my mum always jokes that I have Bonnie more spoiled than a child and I always say back just wait til you see how spoiled my (non-furry) children will be xD

      Liked by 1 person

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