Training Class & Woodland Walk

We had a wonderful Saturday together. First of all we went to our usual training class held by Puppy School Mallusk and she did great, I am so proud looking at how far we’ve come together. She did brilliantly on the recall as recently she had been breaking her waits early, eager to come back to me, but the first time she broke the wait I was able to get her back into a down from distance so was super pleased and the second time she didn’t break her wait. Also improving her waits from me standing still to moving around and facing away so great progress all around 🙂

Bonnie the Border Collie in training class at Puppy School Mallusk showing great focus while wearing her pink Ruffwear Front Range Harness
Look at that focus!

After training we went to Bashfordland Woods near home which we always meant to explore but never got around to. We kept her on a long lead to begin with but when we realised it was deserted we let her off lead. It was lovely to see her romp around as we’ve been doing a lot of on-lead walks recently.

Bonnie the Border Collie investigating the grass in Bashfordland Woods in Carrickfergus
Ooh look at this!
Bonnie the Border Collie wandering off the beaten path at Bashfordland Woods in Carrickfergus
And what’s over here?
Bonnie the Border Collie hiding in the long grass in Bashfordland Woods in Carrickfergus
Can you see me? tehe

She got great enjoyment out of playing her version of fetch which consists of throwing the ball to her, her grabbing it and hiding it amongst the grass and trees and us finding it and throwing it again.

Animation showing Bonnie the Border Collie chasing after a tennis ball in Bashfordland Woods in Carrickfergus

She always looks so happy doing her recall, it brings me so much joy to see her so excited coming back to me.

Bonnie the Border Collie practising her recall in Bashfordland Woods in Carrickfergus
Imma coming mom!

Bonnie was totally wrecked (doesn’t help that reaching the car we realised we dropped the keys somewhere along the way and had to double back around – whoops!)  and slept the rest of the day. Mental and physical exercise = happy, sleepy dog.

Bonnie the Border Collie with a big smile on her face enjoying her walk in the Bashfordland Woods Carrickfergus
Look at that little face! Think she enjoyed herself 🙂

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4 thoughts on “Training Class & Woodland Walk

  1. I think I’ve said this before, but pink suites her sooo much! She looks absolutely gorgeous in her pink Ruffwear 🙂

    Congratulations on the training progress! And that last photo, *so* cute XD


  2. Hello!

    Just a quick message to say I am nominating you for the Blogger Recognition Award – congratulations! Feel free to check out this post to see the ‘rules’ of the award 🙂

    Also, please don’t feel pressured to devote a post to this award or follow the rules, you really don’t need to…just know that I have nominated your blog because I like it and think it’s awesome 😀

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Haha you are welcome, I really do love reading your blog and I really appreciate your comments on mine and degu help too! 🙂


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