Dog First Aid Training with Rhodes2Safety at Mid Antrim Animal Sanctuary

I recently attended a Rhodes2Safety K9 1st Aid Workshop which was held at Mid Antrim Animal Sanctuary. I seen the event on their Facebook page and it made me stop and think, if I was ever in an emergency with Bonnie I wouldn’t have a clue what to do except to phone the vet, so I decided to book a place there and then.

Kerry from Rhodes2Safety demonstrating how to peform CPR on a dog

The workshop lasted around 4 hours and covered everything that could possibly (but hopefully won’t!) happen – from performing CPR and the heimlich maneuver to treating cuts, burns, stings and much more. There was a lot of information and theory to take in but it was split up with practical exercises like finding the dog’s heart beat and using vetwrap. Also her two dogs Axl and Chi, beautiful rhodesian ridgebacks, provided some definite aww factor as well as being super demo dogs and so well behaved.

Kerry from Rhodes2Safety demonstrating how to perform the heimlich maneuver on a dog

Kerry was a brilliant instructor and explained everything in simple terms so you don’t need any previous knowledge. She was friendly, knowledgeable, made it fun to learn and had lots of anecdotes which definitely helped the information stick in my head. She also gave us printed notes to take home too which is great for future reference.

Rhodes2Safety First Aid Dog Course at Mid Antrim Animal Sanctuary

She offered a few different items for sale so I bought the first aid kit and a roll of vetwrap (pink of course!), both of which will be going into my “doggy car kit” which I’ll be posting about soon.

Contents of a dog first aid kit that was bought from the Rhodes2Safety First Aid Course

Overall I am so pleased I attended and would highly recommend going to her workshops if one comes to your area. For 4 hours of your time and £40 it is worth far more than that, just for the peace of mind knowing that you can handle an emergency situation that little bit better and not go into a blind panic not knowing what to do. Also you get a pretty cool certificate at the end!

Dog first aid certificate from Rhodes2Safety

If you can’t attend a session definitely have a look at their Advice & Tips section on their website as it has tons of useful info to check out.

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