Dog Accessories Wishlist

Another wishlist again, this time it’s dog accessories! I can’t get enough of browsing dog accessories – collars, harnesses, jackets, the list goes on! Here are some things I’d love to get Bonnie at some point.

Dog Accessories Wishlist contains Ancol Pink City Coat, Easidri towel, Allside Car Seat Cover, Ruffwear Float Coat in yellow, Ruffwear Approack Backpack in orange and Baskerville Ultra Muzzle in blue

  1.  Ancol City Coat Pink – Since the weather is getting worse coming into autumn this coat would be great for those rainy walks. It should keep her back and chest dry so I’ll only have to dry off her legs and paws when we get home. Because Bonnie is long haired it’s very difficult to fully dry her with a towel and I feel bad for her lounging about while slightly damp so this will help keep her dry and toasty.
  2. Easidri Towel – Another great item for the wetter weather. We usually use a spare towel to dry her but I would like to get Bonnie her own towel for after walks and baths. This one has great reviews and should help us keep on top of the wet mucky paws!
  3. Allside Car Seat Cover – We currently use a picnic blanket on top of the rear seats but it slips around a lot and isn’t the best at keeping the car clean. This cover is a hammock style that should keep all the dirt and hair contained so should be perfect for rainy days or days at the beach.
  4. Ruffwear Float Coat – Ever since taking Bonnie to Paws4Swim I’ve been dying to take her to somewhere she can swim but I’m still pretty anxious about letting her swim in case she gets into any difficulty (I’d be no use trying to save her as I’m a poor swimmer). With this jacket I’d have peace of mind and although it’s pretty expensive it should last her throughout her life.
  5. Ruffwear Approach Pack – I’ve heard a lot of people recommending wearing a backpack as a “job” for your dog to do to wear them out mentally and physically so would be interested in trying this with Bonnie. I would start with just the backpack before gradually increasing the weight in the pack, it’s recommended that dogs don’t carry more than 25% of their body weight. I think it would be cool for her to carry her own water, bowl, treats and poo bags on our adventures.
  6. Baskerville Ultra Muzzle in Blue – I purchased the black version of this in size 3 but it is too short for her snout to wear comfortably so would love to get the size 4 in this lovely blue colour. To avoid my sizing mishap here’s a handy sizing guide It is pretty hard to find the blue one but I managed to find the size 4 in stock at the website I linked so fingers crossed it will still be there when I have the money for it!

What has been the most useful accessory you’ve bought for your dog?

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6 thoughts on “Dog Accessories Wishlist

  1. That car seat cover’s really cool, I love the hammock design and it looks comfy too.

    We have a Baskerville Ultra Muzzle and are really impressed with how comfortable / padded it seems. I also like that the holes in the front of the muzzle are easily big enough to post treats through! Still need to buy Zoey one (damn her stupidly square stubby nose!!)…might have to try find a pink / blue one for her!! XD

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    1. I’d love a pink one to match Bonnie’s harness and lead. I’ve heard that you can use hot water on the baskerville ultra and then mold it while it’s still warm if it would help to fit Zoey.


  2. I was impressed with the float coat they put on Ellie in the pool and agree with you, it is a great thing to have for piece of mind, (for me). I love the easi dri but they are not cheap so like you will have to save my pennies for that one.

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