Beechgrove Doggy Fun Park

Beechgrove has been on the to do list for quite some time but with one thing or another it kept getting put off. Recently Bonnie’s best doggy friend Dougal suffered a bad injury which means that they can no longer meet and play together as it would worsen his condition. She really seems to miss her doggy playtime so we decided it was time to finally try out beechgrove as we don’t know many dogs around us to meet and play with.

Bonnie the border collie sniffing the place out at Beechgrove Doggy Fun Park
Sniffing the place out

We hopped in the car and began our drive on a suprisingly sunny Sunday afternoon. The park, which is just outside of Banbridge, was very straight forward to find and signposted from the main road. Although we did get momentarily lost as we forgot to take the A1 road and instead kept on the M1 so we got a bit side-tracked along the way. When we finally arrived we parked up and I was immediately impressed by the facilities. They have spacious parking, picnic tables, a van providing refreshments and of course the play areas.

Bonnie the border collie practising a recall at Beechgrove Doggy Fun Park
Practising a recall

They have four separate fully enclosed play areas and to enter these you have to go through another fenced area, kind of like an air lock, so no chance for doggies to escape and run away (although they will be having too much fun to want to try!). In each play area there are agility equipment so you can try your hand and see if your dog enjoys it. There are also benches and plenty of water buckets for the thirsty pups.

Bonnie the border collie running about at Beechgrove Doggy Fun Park
Getting into the swing of it now

Bonnie had a ball and really enjoyed herself. In the beginning she was more interested in checking out all the humans and convincing them to pet and cuddle her. But then she enjoyed running around, chasing balls and having a good sniff of everything. She didn’t play too much with the other dogs and we decided to leave on a positive note as after around 30-40 minutes she was getting a bit tired and overwhelmed. But she did brilliantly for it being her first time and everything being new to her and was a great chance to socialise and have positive experiences around other dogs.

Bonnie the border collie taking a quick rest at Beechgrove Doggy Fun Park before playing again
Quick rest

As well as public play days on the weekends they also offer private sessions during the week so you can book an area for yourself, which is useful if your dog isn’t comfortable with other dogs or you just want to play fetch or try the agility course in peace without your dog being distracted by others.

Bonnie the border collie trying out the tunnel and dog agility equipment at Beechgrove Doggy Fun Park
Trying out the tunnel

I would definitely come back to the public play days as long as Bonnie is happy and comfortable with it, to keep socialising her, raise her confidence and bring her out of her shell a bit. They are also opening a training centre soon and I’m pretty excited about their breed specific events. It’ll be great to socialise with other Border Collies and their owners.

Bonnie the border collie smiling in the back seat of the car after her trip to Beechgrove Doggy Fun Park
That was fun! Can we go again?

Have any of you been to Beechgrove or any other dog parks?

Bonnie the border collie laying down in the back seat of the car posing to the camera after her trip to Beechgrove Doggy Fun Park
Pretty please? You can’t say no to this face!

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7 thoughts on “Beechgrove Doggy Fun Park

  1. That dog park looks amazing, and it is SO cool that there are different sections with secure exits…and you can even hire them out, that is incredible!! I’ve never seen a dog park so well kitted out, with such good fencing / gates and I’ve never heard of ones you can hire privately.

    Most the photos of dog parks I’ve seen have been in America, and they vary drastically in how large / fenced / interesting they are…

    I’m glad Bonnie had fun, and that last pic especially is adorable 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yea I was really impressed with it, it’s really the only dedicated dog park we have here in Northern Ireland so we’re very fortunate it is so well equipped, near enough to where we live and has super reasonable prices.

      Another one, a bit further away, is opening next summer and the plans for it look amazing so very excited about that.

      Thanks, she is super cute although I’m totally biased! 🙂


  2. I am envious. It looks amazing Ellie has to make do with buckets and sticks at home with an audience of two. Bob only jumps over a fence if he is promised a treat. Though Banbridge is only an hour and a half away it is a bit of a trip with one restless dog on board

    Liked by 1 person

    1. It’s a shame it’s not closer for yous, it is a long drive for the doggies. Aww Ellie don’t worry we’ve resorted to brush handles and all sorts for make shift agility too. Bonnie also agrees with Bob, she wants paid for her work! 😁


  3. Redwood Doggy Fun Park in Carrickfergus will be opening in the next few months. All weather fun agility arenas, doggy day care, groomers, handmade doggy cakes/treats, craft shop, tea/coffee/ snacks, on site parking, toilet facilities and disabled access.
    Hope to have work completed by Easter. Hope to see you all there.

    Liked by 1 person

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